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06-27-14, 08:38 AM
Hi everyone, I don't know if you know me, I'm more of a reader than a poster, but I guess I just had to rant! And I'd appreciate your advice!

So, I'm 22 year old Belgian college student and I'm supposed to be a senior in college, but due to some difficulties with a few classes, I'll need to take another year.

I major in Advertisment abd there are some great classes but others are mandatory and extremely tedious.

One class is French. I absolutely hate French. It's a mandatory class, and it's always been mandatory, due to the fact that half of the country speaks French.

The thing is, when I was a kid in Elementry school (and in high school as well), it was always that class that I hated so I always studied just enough to pass it. I think some people can relate, right?

Obviously, that wasn't a wise descision because now, my French class is way too hard. The teacher expects us to know the basics already, but the fact that I never studied in high school, like I was supposed to, bites me in the ***. I don't know the basics but by the time I get my diploma, I'm supposed to be fluent in French.

My main issue right now, I think, is studying vocabulary. We're given a huge list of words (and sentences) each semester and I never know where to start, and I really don't have a good method of studying words & sentences. (never had). So I guess I want to know what you guys do/did to study vocab?

The grammar is a whole thing, but I think I might be able to manage that. But it's the vocab that is KILLING ME

The worst part is not being able to focus on it. I don't have a good method, so I'm not really motivated in the first place, and when I'm studying, I just keep on thinking "this is the most boring way to pass time" or "I could be doing this or this right now"

It's just frustrating!

Thanks for reading!!!

06-28-14, 11:05 AM
I think that visual mnemonics/keyword method has been shown to be useful for learning foreign language vocabulary.

It may be worth doing some internet research to find out more.

This link may be useful.

06-28-14, 06:43 PM
Another link that you may find interesting.

06-28-14, 06:48 PM
I found a useful language app that kind of makes regular practice into a game. It's called Duolingo.

I use the French one, but you can set it for several different languages.
Hope this helps.

06-28-14, 08:46 PM
make up a list, in your own writing. or use index cards
(this is strange to read though because French vocabulary was really one of the things I could focus on!0

MADD As A Hatte
06-28-14, 08:59 PM
Oh, the pain! I remember this from my own high school years, learning French.

The key to learning vocab, grammar etc. is repetition, repetition, repetition.

(1) Sign up for the website called quizlet. It was started by a young fellow who had EXACTLY the same challenge as you: to learn 200 French vocab words for a test. Quizlet is brilliant (for lots of different subjects).

(2) Join our ADD Forums motivational team - a group us are acting as each other's productivity cheer squad. If you have a look through stevuke's posts, you'll find the thread. If you need help to reach your learning target, and you genuinely want to graduate, we WILL get you there.

Je vous souhaite tout le meilleur!

07-14-14, 08:42 AM
The way I learned 'foreign languages' is by reading and writing it whenever I can. Many people thought I was quite a loony when I supposedly set my mobile OS into the language I was trying to learn (rather than my first language) and after awhile my vocab picked up quite a fair bit. ^^ And I habitually 'think' in a few different languages that sometimes I felt tongue-tied when I realized certain words are only available in certain languages. =(

07-17-14, 04:20 PM
Watch French movies with subs in your native language. It's how i picked up on my japanese vocabulary