View Full Version : I feel dumb

06-27-14, 11:04 AM
Today is day 3 of my Ritalin (10mg extended release) and it makes me sleepy, and just in a fog. Noises bother me, I want it to be quiet, and I will sit here for like 10 mins and just go "What was I looking for?". So not like me at all. I can't focus naturally and this makes it worse. Im calm but I'm out of it. Like as if I took a sleeping pill and I'm fighting the symptoms. I hate it :(

Naturally I have points in my day where I have huge bursts of energy and then points where I absolutely CRASH and want to do nothing at all. I just want even energy and no crashes. Not like hyperactive energy, I just want to be awake and alert and able to focus. I am thinking this might not be the medication for me :( Has anyone else went through this? What was your DR's response?

Thanks in advance.