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06-27-14, 12:09 PM
Hi all, this is my second post on this forum. To start I was on xanax for about 3 years and abused the hell out of it. The state has red flagged me for abuse so I can't get any benzos anymore. I was a user of snorting heroin and smoking weed and of course popping up to 7mg of xanax at a time. From all the abuse my tolerance for all meds is ridiculous. Any how I'm in need for a new anxiety med that actually works, currently I'm on vistril 3x a day and it doesn't do a damn thing. I've been on thorazine before when I was in the state mental facility and have been thinking of asking for it again, but i want to know my options! I've been on busbar before ridiculous amounts and felt no effect. For all you're info, I've been clean of all hard drugs for 9 months and weed for roughly 55 days. Any help will be appreciated!

06-27-14, 12:31 PM
greetings and welcome :)

are you looking for something to help with a particular type of anxiety or symptom thereof?

i've done CBT for agoraphobia with pretty remarkable success (i say, sitting in my house:doh:). seriously though. there are some non medication strategies that can be helpful, depending.

there are some antipsychotics that are better than others for calming. thorazine...i wouldn't've put in the top five myself, but i can see that if it's been helpful for you in the past, why you'd reconsider going back to it. certainly if it works, then i would.

i know that anti depressants, though i think luvox is the main one, can be really good for OCD things, for intrusive thoughts. also zoloft for anxiety. i say those two with some caution though as i have no experience with either; that's second hand experience, not my own.

i hope you find something that works and huge congratulations on your sobriety!

06-27-14, 12:55 PM
thank you for the congrats! I've been on a slew of anti-psychotics and anti-depression ranging from citaprolam, fluoxitine, zoloft, serequil, haldol, risperdol, as well as others that i can't think of, they've tried all sorts of combos everytime i've goin to the physc-ward. Been there atleast 12 times if not more and I'm only 21!

I've done all sorts of therapy and currently use the skills I learned to deal with the anxiety now, to a limited effect. I need a medication that calms my brain from racing so much, I walk around with a knot in my stomach all the time and always second guessing myself, this leads me to avoid talking to people. I'm currently trying to get back on the Teva brand of adderall 30mg because that seemed to help with the social anxiety aspect. I know it sounds stupid, but I need a sedative to work alongside my adderall.

I was in car accident a month and a half ago, totalled the car, thankfully the only thing that happened to me was a dislocated the shoulder, but since then I've dislocated it 5 times! Only mentioning this because everytime i get sent to the hospital for reduction, they give me dilauded and that relieves the pain the anxiety and makes me feel confident while i'm on it. Is it common for opiates to relieve these conditions? I would say I should know, but when i did heroin I was usally alone and didn't have things causing extreme anxiety.

Sorry for rambling I'm currently on Actavis Adderall and my 30mg IR pill feels like a 10mg Teva, so much jumping around going on! Thanks in advance!

06-27-14, 11:15 PM
sorry to hear you've already been in and out so often so young. sympathies x but hopefully that frequency will reduce significantly. it's totally possible.

it sucks to be there though, and i think opiates aren't your long term solution, of course, and maybe ask that options you have? i can't say that's my issue with anxiety maybe. if it's more being on edge sorta, more like agitation, i would definitely go back on the thorazine. that's great for that.

best to you

06-29-14, 06:28 AM
I know for me, I have used valerian root, kava tea and melatonin for sleep. It works marginally but its better than nothing I guess.

06-29-14, 07:12 AM
Out of curiosity, have you taken an SSRI like Prozac in combination with Buspar? Buspar often doesn't do much on its own, but it work better in combo with an anti-depressant.

Kava for some reason makes me incredibly cranky (but it's entirely possible that repeated benzo use would as well, so it's probably my weird neurology more than a standard effect).