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06-29-14, 03:05 PM
i'm unsure what the difference is between ketamine metabolite and what you'd procure illegally, but i had reason a few years ago to investigate ketamine studies for depression, so seeing this come out was of interest:,S__Ketamine_Metabolites__R,S__norketamine_and.2 6.aspx#

my understanding is that it would potentially aid in taking a person from abjectly suicidal to stable within hours. there is also this:


Ketamine is a promising option for the treatment of depression, especially for those patients that do not respond to both conventional antidepressants and nonpharmacological treatment. Ketamine acts much faster than any other antidepressant drug and this makes it useful in patients at risk for suicide, in which a quick response is critical. Importantly, response to the first ketamine infusion is predictive for the overall efficacy of the treatment, so that non-responders may be promptly identified and switched to other medications. Although mild physical side effects as well as dissociative symptoms may appear during infusion, symptoms resolve shortly after the end of treatment. In the complex mechanism of action of the drug, particular attention has been addressed to the increase of BDNF synthesis and release caused by a single administration of ketamine, as long as BDNF promotes synaptic connectivity, which is altered in depression. Interestingly, ketamine may also prevent neuroinflammation, which is one of the leading cause of neuronal loss. Although some critical issues deserve more detailed investigation, ketamine represents an innovative and promising approach to the pharmacotherapy of MDD.

i don't personally have depression, but thought it might be of interest to others who do and loved ones. best to all. x

08-01-14, 10:36 PM
Hi Peripatetic

I was looking up ketamine found this link, so I thought I would post it for discussion.

(Side Note, I'm learning, I don't know much about the subjects, yet.)

Ketamine Cousin Rapidly Lifts Depression Without Side Effects (


08-02-14, 01:47 AM
..They also want to see if this molecule, and others like it, regulate other NMDA receptor subtypes—there are over 20 of them—and whether it will work on other disorders, such as schizophrenia, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and autism.

Ketamine Cousin Rapidly Lifts Depression Without Side Effects (