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06-30-14, 04:35 AM
Prior to making an appointment with my psych the thought of going back makes me feel a little sad/emotional as I know what sort of emotions I go through when I am there. After I make the appointment I question myself "do I really need to go? Will I have enough to talk about? When I get there I have lots to talk about and feel ok about being there.

Does anyone have these thoughts or similar ?

07-01-14, 01:44 AM
It looks like I am the only one ! ;)

07-01-14, 04:15 AM
I have never experienced what you have but I understand. Are you new to therapy? Sometimes when you are new these type of worries pop up along with stuff like
"will he be bored by me?"
" will he think I'm crazy?"
These types of worries are something alot of us feel.

07-01-14, 04:54 AM
Sometimes I feel guilty for ´wasting his time´ and sometimes I (wrongly) feels he's getting tired of my 'first world problems' (I can't stop playing videogames, boohoo) and wants to work towards closing treatment.

What I do is, quite simply, speak out. Whatever my doubts are, I put them on the table. If not there than where? Friends and family can listen to your worries, but the therapist is the one concerning this.

I see it as there being two types of worries to talk about with a therapist. The ones why you are there (ADD, ADHD, depression etc.) and worries on a more 'process level' (the therapy itself).

With me it can take two or three sessions before I have the guts to share those worries, but it does wonders when I do.

Do you think you could be as open with you therapist as you are with us here?

I'll give you an example that happened to me last time. I was in the waiting room a few months back and I saw a notice about a workgroup for people with ADD. It would be organised by the same organisation and really sounded like something for me. I broughit up during a session and my therapist reacted positively, but mildly. He already spoke out that he didn't see much value in the ADD label, so his mild reaction made me worry if we were on the same page.
This remained in the back of my head during the following sessions. Last time I just plainly asked him if he supported it and why he didn't told me and I had to come across it by chance myself in his own waiting room? He responded in the nicest way and explained it. This really comforted me, which gave me more faith in the therapy itself and him as a therapist.

07-01-14, 09:23 PM
Am I new to therapy? No, I have been many times to my therapist so newness is not an issue.

Can I be as open with my therapist as I am here?...98% of the time I am. The last time I went I said to her that I don't know if I have enough to talk about , she just laughed and said that she will talk enough for both of us and 1 hour and 45 mins later the session was over.

I have one thing that I want to say to my psych just to get it out of my head however I just don't have the guts to say it as I think her opinion of me will not be good/positive. I have briefly touched on the subject but I don't think she believed me. Anyway have you guys ever felt that way? And if so how did you deal with it?