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06-30-14, 10:04 AM 21 year old son is textbook ADD. Has been having a horrible time of it. His life has become quite the mess. Lack of focus, Major impulsiveness, stress, anxiety, depression, etc......I've tried a few natural suppliments......did all kinds of reading on line for this that and the other. Had him on adderal and an antidepressant. (wasn't at all happy with those 2 things)Did the healthfood thing. All kinds of suppliments.

He chose to do pot to self medicate. Very horrible for me as a parent to deal with. He's a good kid with a loving and supportive family and hard to see him doing this to himself. Wasn't helping him either. Just said it calmed him down. I didn't see it and it wasn't making his life any better....

Then a few weeks ago I got a sample in the mail for some teabags. Just a name brand. Lipton Natural Energy. I thought.....hey....this is giving me an unusual little kick. It has more caffeine. No big deal for me there. But doesn't give me the wired feeling. But this isn't about the tea. It's what's in it. Theanine. (which was listed on the box) So, I'm wondering....what the heck is that? I did a search on line.

Put in "Theanine" and " ADHD" "ADD".....I came up with all kinds of medical postings on the benefits of Theanine. (L-Theanine)It actually accures naturally in tea, especially green tea. Supposed to be good to help treat anxiety and sleep problems. So, I went BACK to the health food store in town and bought some. It's a bit pricey but anything in the health food store is. Well, anyway......within literally a weeks time I'm noticing a HUGE difference with my son! I'm floored!!!! It might not work with everyone. It might be my imagination. It might be coincidental.

He handed over his stash of pot and pipe, lighters and such yesterday. He's talking to us civilly. He wants me to find him a councilor to get his head on straight to make sense of the mess he's made for himself. I told him to write down his thoughts to decompress his head. (He wouldn't do any of this before. I'm thinking.....where is my son and what have they done with him??)

He's thinking clearly or as I see it.....making some right decissions for once. (please excuse my spelling) I think this stuff is slowing down his distractive thoughts that are getting him in trouble. I suggest doing a search on Theanine on line. I'm personally very impressed. I truly feel that it's making a difference in his thought processes. My son takes 200mg in the morning and 100 after dinner. (my choice after reading what others are taking. It seems to vary.....

No side effects and all natural......

I hope this post helps someone....

PS.....My son has been downing all sorts of caffeine laiden energy drinks for years and has had no such effects as this does.

06-30-14, 11:38 AM
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Many of us simply cannot read such a "wall-o-text" post.

06-30-14, 01:11 PM
IMO, l-theanine is worthless unless you are trying to treat anxiety - either primary or secondary, or you are consuming a low dose with your black/green tea. It does and has done nothing for my sleep problems, mental hypo/hyper-active issues, or anything related to ADHD.

FWIW, I was using a dosage of 200-400mg per day of suntheanine - IE a 100% form of levo-theanine and not a racemic mix like cheap theanine supplements.

06-30-14, 02:04 PM
@Donna64, it very often takes trying several different meds at different doses to find what works best for each individual.

In my opinion it's not a good idea to try two new meds (Adderall and anti-depp) at the same time.
That makes it too hard to figure out which one is causing any side effects or which one is helping.

@DichotOhMy, just because something doesn't work for you personally doesn't mean it's worthless.
Not too many people benefit from Omega3, but for those of us who do find it helpful, it's really good.

06-30-14, 06:29 PM
Thats great that it worked for your son!

I tried it years ago and had no results at all :-(

07-01-14, 12:16 AM
About theanine, for me it's a a murky case.

As for the l-theanine capsules, I tried these a while ago after having coffee, to see if it would take the edge off, and also to see if it worked as a sleep aid. I found that it would paradoxically calm me down and assist sleep, at the same time as distorting my mood, causing some slight "dysphoria." It worked to help sleep, in other words, but had an unpleasant feeling. So I quit, it wasn't useful for me.

As for green tea, and black tea (to a lesser extent): I think it does something beneficial here. There is a "clarity" and occasional "calmness" I notice with tea, that I simply don't get with coffee. Some of this may be due to other qualities of the tea, but I'm certain theanine is behind some of this. In other words, I definitely *do* find tea in all its varieties to promote focus and clarity of mind, better than coffee or other caffeine sources. I think a lot of folks with ADD would benefit from having 2-3 cups of green tea in a relatively short time period: it is long acting, energizing, and simply effective.

But coffee is simply more euphoric and I need my "buzz", so I (perhaps foolishly) drink Java most of the time. :p