View Full Version : Medical School, ADD and confidence

06-30-14, 05:59 PM
I am on one of my rotations right now and I am just curious how those of you out there deal with preceptors who really put you on the spot. My knee jerk instinct is to freeze like a deer in a headlight and so far that's really NOT been working for me. I wish I could stop that cascade of panic I get when a preceptor starts putting me on the spot or just asking me questions. I end up always feeling stupid and like I'm not as smart as my peers which when I stop self deprecating I know is total BS. Ugh it's been a really vicious cycle lately and I wish I had some coping mechanism for stopping that panic mode dead in its tracks so I don't blank out. More often than not I know answers that I don't say because of my 'momentary lapse of brain cells'. This is gone way past frustrating b/c now it's showing in my evaluations and the preceptors think I don't know anything. For that matter I feel some of the other interns are starting to think I'm 'special' if you know what I mean.....and not in a good way. I'm trying to stay positive but some days :(