View Full Version : MindMed ADHD iPhone App

07-01-14, 07:15 AM
There's an interesting iphone app called MedMind ADHD. I used it daily for the last 2 or 3 months. It's a good 10-15 minute exercise of focusing and using your brain in ways that usually can confuse you or generally you might have trouble processing quickly. I think I've had some good results, and recommend that you check it out. I'd like to hear what others think of the app.

I ended up getting through level 300, and then the app flipped back to level 1. I was a bit upset that it didn't continue to higher levels. I'm not sure where that leaves me with using the app. I emailed the app author about this, but haven't heard back.

Anyway, here's the url for the app on the app store. It costs $9.99, and I have not affiliation or relationship with the app maker: