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07-02-14, 06:10 PM
Is educational therapy for adults worth looking into? (I'm in my mid 20's in Illinois, USA) I've got the next 6 weeks or so of summer to aggressively prepare everyday and see if I can make any significant improvement can in my ability to study and/or what avenues to pursue for a career/school.

Even though as of late I feel like I've been better equipped to pay attention, I think my approach/skills haven't improved quite as quickly, not to mention all the years of torture still discouraging me at both a conscious and unconscious level. So I'm looking for the best ways to get my skills up to speed with my brain. Any other suggestions in addition to or as an alternative to educational therapy?

My situation (skip if you want) : I've been getting treatment since I was in high school to treat ADD, OCD and social anxiety. I've been starting to feel better as I've finally gotten on some meds that are kind of helping (Zoloft + Strattera) with attention and anxiety. For the first time I can kind of (still inconsistent) concentrate and have some idea of what it's actually like to concentrate. :D I managed to "get through" high school and a few college courses somehow with a LOT of difficulty and stress but I feel like I still make school work more difficult than it needs to be by placing too much and too little importance on the wrong things.

07-08-14, 04:47 PM
I would definitely look into getting an Educational Therapist if you are looking to go back to school and you can afford it. I think that getting a CBT-type therapist will be helpful as well since they can help you deal with the emotional aspects of going through educational therapy and going back to school. They can also help you work through the years of torture. Mine has helped me with it!!

I'm wondering if IL Vocational Rehabilitation has any funding available Educational Therapy for people who are officially diagnosed and could benefit from it??

07-08-14, 11:22 PM
Short Answer = YES.

Evidence Based Response = (Parent / Client) Education is THE #1 (Evidence Based)

Treatment Intervention for ADHD; with (Teacher) Education being #2.

Hope that helps.