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07-03-14, 01:12 PM
(This post is about my ADD background. My posts on my Strattera reaction will follow, skip to the next one if that's all you're looking for)

Hi everyone! Thanks to anyone who takes the time or interest to read this post. I'm a long time forum lurker, first time poster.

Today is my first day on Strattera, which was prescribed to me recently. I wanted to start a specific post to update on my experience with the drug for the future benefit of others. Also, to keep solid track of side effects any my personalized reaction to the medication. Like many of you I imagine, reading about the side effects and scary side of starting a new prescription drug, I was a little apprehensive to test Strattera or not, but I've decided the possible benefits outweigh the risk. I will decide in the next two weeks to a month whether I find it helps, does nothing, or makes me feel worse.

This is my first medical diagnosis and first experiment with a legal prescription. I had self-diagnosed myself as predominantly having inattentive ADD a year ago, when I was reading about the condition for a school project and suddenly realized it was describing my whole life. Hyper-focus kicked in and I read every inch of the internet about it. Since then, I tried to set up appointments for evaluation but for some reason something would always go wrong. I finally ended up seeing a walk-in psychiatrist who diagnosed me and will do my follow up. I plan on still approaching a new doctor in the future though.

I realize now it is practically intuitive to me to realize the condition in others, either before themselves or before they tell me. I consider myself fascinated with AD/HD, although initially my self-esteem was a little shot. It was both a relief and a struggle to accept why I had felt sincerely different than most people I met, but things finally made some sense.

Thanks for reading, I am starting the logs in the following posts. :)

07-03-14, 01:13 PM
DAY 1:
My doctor prescribed me 18mg pills. I am taking one a day, and will for two weeks until I see her. My titration seems to be very stretched out, but I'm okay with that until I notice how it affects me.

Today I woke up at 11am, ate some chicken (the only food in the house)... And a few crackers. At about 12pm I took one 18mg pill. As of yet, I don't feel different, but I was inspired to follow through on this log (which to be honest, I wasn't sure would actually happen whether I had premeditated the idea or not).

I think I feel a little spacey mentally, but physically I feel like my plain old self. I will update if anything stands out.

07-09-14, 04:33 AM
Best of luck to you... I am on Strattera now, started on it last year and had probably 8-10 months of it being very effective for my ADD. Now though... I am feeling a bit of a plateau effect though.... or rather it feels like the effectiveness is declining after having already reached a peak.... diminishing returns and whatnot. I'm going to call my doc tomorrow to see if I can get an appointment to talk with her about either upping my dose or trying something else....

07-09-14, 01:57 PM
DAYS 2-6:
So in summary, I don't feel any harsh side effects yet. I'm guessing that is because I'm starting on a slow and steady dose. I will note though, DAY 2 and 3 I was suddenly very depressed. Being someone with ADD, I am used to having ups and downs with regards to my mood, but I did feel a hopelessness that I haven't felt in a long time. Eventually though I seemed to be lifted out of it.

On the flip side, I haven't been aware of any change at all really, in regards to being more attentive or motivated.

On DAY 4 I felt sleepier than usual. Nothing else too strange.

I must recommend, like others, always taking this medication after you've had some food. On DAY 5 I had forgot to take it as early as I had been, and had an empty stomach the time I did. Well, not long after I had gone for a walk and was hit with a very painful stomach ache, all upwards in my body, not below or relating to digestion. It was very uncomfortable for a while, but almost immediately after eating some watermelon it started to dissipate. So I'm convinced it had to do with the pill.

Today, DAY 6, I will admit I have felt in a good mood since waking. I decided to start an exercise regime because I feel guilty for being so sedentary most of the time. I did that shortly after waking and feel good for starting. Not sure if any of this relates to the Strattera.

I feel lucky that the stomach ache is the only bad thing I've experienced, minus the suddenly occurring feelings of sadness... But those have not come back.

Soon I hope to increase my dose so I can feel some more effect and positives in my life.

07-15-14, 02:55 PM
DAYS 7-12

I have experienced a new kind of headache, only afflicting the left side of my head, around the temple area.

I have been naturally better at prioritizing a set of tasks for my day, but today (DAY 12) I was pretty tired after getting out of bed. I stayed awake, but hoped for time to move faster.

I still lack motivation for some of the things that should matter most to me or are highest on my list... I still feel anxiety when it comes to arranging obligations for myself. I am thankful to be unemployed and without a constant commitment to an alarm or a place to worry about being late at, yet the free time and lack of income lowers my self-esteem because I know I am capable of applying myself further.

Exercising has been good and steady, something for me to force myself to stick to.

I'm still on this silly 18mg children's dose... I don't think its enough to change anything. I will have to set an appointment for this weekend to get a new prescription to hopefully 40mg, where maybe I will notice a real change. I am really hoping this the Strattera will help me maximize my potential and dread certain (simple) tasks less than I do currently.

09-04-14, 06:18 PM
wish this log would have continued.