View Full Version : Anyone Switch to Ritalin from Vyvanse?

07-04-14, 07:53 PM
Hi, I've been on Vyvanse for almost six months now and the side effects have gotten really bad and they're not going away no matter what I do.

My question is though, has anyone not had a good experience with Vyvanse after a few months and made a switch to Ritalin or maybe another drug that really helped them? Is Ritalin damage your liver or anything, is it going to be as safe as vyvanse? Feedback is much appreciated since I'm thinking about talking with my doctor to make the switch. ;-)

08-10-14, 02:24 PM
i haven't taken vyvanse, but with respect to your question about the safety of ritalin, i would say it's not any less safe. in fact, it's been around for so many decades and prescribed that i would say, if anything, its safety is more established than vyvanse. i've not had any damage to my liver from taking it either.

best wishes

08-15-14, 02:19 AM
I made the switch yesterday (After 18 months off of vyvanse). From what I understand, the side effects are much less severe with Ritalin, which makes since if you look at the pharmcodynamics of the drugs. I have already noticed much less of a "speedy" effect with Ritalin (instant release), and found it MUCH MUCH easier to sleep (based on my one night of experience). We will see how tonight goes!

So far I prefer Ritalin much more. I also notice you don't necesarily get a real euphoria feeling during it's peak (~2 hours after ingestion with vyvanse). Also, I don't know for sure, but being that vyvanse is a pro-drug which is metabolized by the liver first to convert to the active ingredient (dextroamphetamine), this would logically suggest less hepatotoxicity for ritalin. Vyvanse produces a more stable dose in your bloodstream due to its mechanisms, while ritalin will produce peaks and troughs throughout the day, as you ingest it; I find these peaks helpful, as I plan my meals around it (large breakfast, first dose, then large lunch, second dose, and finally a smaller dinner). Hope this helps!

08-24-14, 10:26 PM
I started off on Ritalin back in 2011, was switched to Vyvanse only to find it made me a complete zombie and only lasted for about 6 hours before crapping out on me. I would end up not taking it to avoid feeling terrible. I'm back on Ritalin now and I prefer it much more over Vyvanse.