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07-05-14, 09:47 PM
I believe the majority of ADD people enjoy creating and bringing something new to light. Such as an idea or solving a problem. I think perhaps that being in a system where answers arent discovered but are looked up and regurgitated, undermines the usefulness of ADD individuals.

When I look at the school systems methods of teaching, I can't help but see a method of design and control there that does not benefit the students. They aren't asking students to think, rather they are asking students only to know seemingly meaningless facts, modes and operations without indicating the usefulness or practical application of their function.

In short they are teaching you to follow orders and to feel that your judgement is inferior to anyone elses. Without allowing students to find the answers from within their own heads they are asking them to only be able to memorize what they've been told.

Everything has been structured so that we as a society are taught to look elsewhere, without forming our own opinion and we are told not to find the solution locally within ourselves until we have memorized everyone elses opinion but our own.

A solution I thought about, is that if a teacher/professor, had a class full of people that want to create answers, not regurgitate them, then the easiest way would be to design the lectures around the labs, in a science class for example.

I find in many of my science classes, the structure is always laid out as lecture, then lab a few days later. Their thinking is that they are priming you for understanding the concepts, like building a house, going from the basement upwards, but in fact they are building the house *** backwords, with the basement built at the end.

If labs in class rooms took place first, students would be confused and would be asking questions as they went but also primed to listen. They wouldn't make it through the lab until they understood the general concepts which they would get by practically applying it.

The next portion of the class should be spent reclarifying the concepts and discussing what was understood and what wasn't.

This way the lecture and lab co-occur harmoniously and students will listen because the lecture is now relevant to something they just did.

well anyways that's my idea of a better education. Let me know what you think.

07-06-14, 09:09 AM
I HATE the American education system.