View Full Version : Adderall IR exacerbating

07-07-14, 08:38 PM
On Adderall IR and today I forgot to take my 2nd dose (haven't managed to figure out when exactly to do so -- recently restarted Ad'-IR) and my anixety levels spiked Through The Roof !

I was so immersed in avoiding everything I got stuck in a stupid game for many, many, many hours today (ridiculous amount)

1 friend dragged me to get lunch and I just returned to the same STUPID game for 5 minutes (you can guess that minutes===> hours) and the day is gone, poof, went away

Another friend tried to talk me out of onslaught of anxiety (phone call) but then it just hit me like a train wreck, without warning -- WHAT THE HEY ! ! ! !

I remember even resorting to mindfulness in 5 minutes (of course - never happened)

Again -- my day started out productive, but then Ad' sort of wore off and poof --- express ride to ickly-land

IDEAS Needed ! ! ! !

07-08-14, 04:12 AM
So are you saying this anxiety was a result of too little adderall?