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07-09-14, 12:02 PM
Funny how my quest to conquer my ADHD has brought me full circle.

When I was originally diagnosed, I was prescribed ritalin IR which helped but my ignorance with regards to my symptoms and overall knowledge of how ADHD has impacted my life, led me down the path of finding hopelessly trying to find the perfect medication to fix all my problems.

BIG MISTAKE. There is no magic pill that anyone can take to make them 100% okay with themselves and until you know your exact symptoms and what medication can and cannot do about it... you will never be happy with ANY result.

That being said, I have been through the ringer over the last few months and I'm sad to say that most of it was probably self induced. I'm very prone to side effects from almost all medications and suffer from ADHD-C, anxiety, and depression.

I was originally started on Ritalin IR 3-4 times daily which did help me improve a little in school but didn't cover some impulsivity issues and i was less than consistent with remembering to take my medications. After this I was put on Adderall XR, only to have severely inconsistent results over the span of 2 years, I finally got fed up with the hit or miss effects and switched to Concerta... I was intolerant to the side effects and unable to get up to a therapeutic level dose and quit that after a few weeks.

Next was Vyvanse, which stirred up some OCD type tendencies and eventually ended me up going back to Adderall XR which worked for a couple weeks and just as before, randomly cut in and out thanks to my monthly hormonal cycle.

So there I was, Adderall XR being the only one I had tolerated well and I could really only tolerate it two weeks out of the month. Leaving me with less than ideal half month coverage. Even then the inconsistency was driving me insane.

I was ready to swear off medication until I spoke with the doctor and was asked to try Ritalin IR again. So here I am. Starting with 5mg 3x daily and told to modify (over time...) up to the max 10 mg 3x daily or 30mg daily.

I have an appointment for a full on psychiatric re-evaluation to determine a possible secondary (co-morbid) diagnosis on July 28th and I am ready to put in the work to figure myself out. If the Ritalin doesn't help, I have no problem going without medication and will be pursuing multiple avenues of therapy in various settings as well as taking some time to take a really good look at myself.

I hope this journey into self discovery will help me come up with some answers so that I can finally understand and come to terms with whatever my issues may be.

Hopefully the ritalin will be tolerable and it will be a useful tool in my ever growing tool box of life.

I just wanted to post this I guess for some support, as well as any suggestions for what I should be watching for as well as any scheduling ideas with regards to titration and side effects to look for.

Please only positive reinforcements and supportive comments! Thank you!

08-10-14, 02:22 PM
the main thing that's been a side effect for me is dehydration. be sure to drink lots of water.

with dosage, you'll want to get the overlap right so that you don't have a rollar coaster effect.

oh, and the other thing is that whenever i had to restart, it'd give me some gastrointestinal distress for a bit during the titration process.

good luck with the switch and hope it goes well!

08-12-14, 01:32 AM
Generally coming off of the ritalin, there are some depression symptoms that may manifest. If there is anxiety and depression, along with ADHD, talk to your psychiatrist about Wellbutrin in addition to the Methylphenidate. Wellbutrin, is known to be helpful with ADHD and being an antidepressant, it will also cover the anxiety and depression.
I recall, several years ago I was suffering from depression, (No suicidal ideations though) secondary to loss of job, house, car, etc etc. And I went to my colleague to prescribe me Wellbutrin, I was already on Methylphenidate IR for ADD.

08-12-14, 07:49 AM
Will doctors let you double up on stimulants like that.
I could try that combo.
My guy won't go for it.

08-12-14, 10:28 AM
Wellbutrin is actually an antidepressant, though it may have a slight stimalnt like effect, as it is a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Commonly used as a quit smoking aid (zyban), but some studies actually show that it helps with ADD/ADHD. So I dont think it should be a problem for your doctor to prescribe it.