View Full Version : i was taking ritalin

07-10-14, 02:40 PM
it was kinda helping me, but ive asked my dc. for modafinila, and so he did.
now i don't feel the same way i used to. I'm not stimulated, I don't even try to do my things. truth is, i'm waiting till monday, the day i'm gonna see the dc. again, so i can ask him for ritalin again ):
i don't know what's happening to me. actually i think i'm just a vagabond and i just dont wanna do nothing.
in fact, i was pretty motivated w/ my future, thinking more about me, trying to focus on things that really matters to me, but it takes too much energy to get rid of these thoughts.
i just dont know what to do...
time is passing, i should be studying, i guess i dont even have this deficit, i guess i'm just lazy and i wanna just do nothing
advice pls

07-12-14, 11:25 PM
I am sorry to hear you are going through this.
I would have to do more research, I don't know what modafinila is. ??
You aren't lazy. It is pretty common for people with ADHD to feel/appear lazy. Maybe you can give yourself a couple small goals. Such as, I am going to read 4 pages of this book then rest. After that I will read 4 more pages. When I break it up into more manageable sizes it seems easier to accomplish. If you are like me when it is too overwhelming you just totally shut down.
Without sounding mean you kind of have a "poor me" kind of attitude. Maybe do a quick Google search a remind yourself some of the key symptoms of ADD/ADHD. You will see you aren't just being lazy, but truly need to be on the correct medicine, diet and exercise plan, etc. Best of luck!! I hope you get some relief soon.