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07-11-14, 07:04 AM
Hey guys,

I am making this thread to give some some idea, on how some foods may help any medication you are taking.

Food List:
- Sardines
- Any other fish
- Porridge
- omelette (the more eggs the better)
- etc.

But please really look into getting into Sardines, because they're cheap,small and give you mental energy.

Not trying to go into some type of body building thing or anything like that (and not into that what so ever), but please take note that certain foods can greatly work well with medication (of course, and you already know that ,of course), yes but truly some foods such as Sardines really help the medication, and like if you ate a tin of Sardines every day with your medication, it greatly improves everything overall.

Hope you guys are all good,
Thank you for reading.

Keep good :D:)

07-17-14, 07:33 PM
I thought I should point out that, while I don't know much about European farming practices, here in the US, free-range chicken eggs contain much higher amounts of omega 3's than industrial farmed chickens.

Also, Salmon is just after sardines. Tuna is high on the list but does contain mercury and that should be considered. Notwithstanding, Dr. George Matelgan of the non-profit Worlds Healthiest Foods ( does believe that the heath benefits of eating tuna outweigh the risks of the trace amounts of mercury.

07-24-14, 05:09 AM
Just in case it helps - following foods rules out by

all animal products (including fish)
oats -> problems associated with a gluten like lectin

Sprouting/soaking appears to be able to recover seeds/nuts/oats/legumes
- personal experience - appears to be so

- try going into a supermarket without capacity to eat meat, wheat, dairy and where organic veggies and properly soaked/sprouted seeds are required

- what a nightmare.


But it needn't be.

Would be great if we could easily purchase freshly made green smoothies or veggie dishes prepared using organic veggies / organic de-lectinized seeds/nuts with a little taste

- just plain eating in this day and age of toxic foodstuffs/toxic preparations/toxic production facilities everywhere becomes a chore.

We just can't seem to get our heads around how to shove it in one end and take it out the other. pDYUKw6kGWCsOI2GDUv

07-25-14, 03:48 AM
With respect to our own production of factors which protect us against oxidative stress.

So far - thinking the big 3 are:
Eliminate psych stress (eliminate money) - as unpleasant stress -> oxidative stress
Don't eat -> protection vs oxidative stress with ketone bodies
When we eat - eat proper fruit/veg/de-lectinized vegan food -> SCFA (gut biome generated) protect against oxidative stress

Lots of research on 1st 2 provided previously -

example of third:
Potential of short chain fatty acids to modulate the induction of DNA damage and changes in the intracellular calcium concentration by oxidative stress

Gut feeling - don't know if the anti-oxidants in foods are of great importance - think they're more a markers of fibres (ie high anti-oxidant food and high biome feeding fibre co-occur) which're digested by the microbiome into producing our own anti-oxidants ie we may be putting too much emphasis on chasing the high anti-oxidant foods - when we simply need proper foods and not too much of them
- our body will do the rest ie manufacture it's own anti-oxidants.

However - it's hard to see chasing anti-oxidant rich food as bad - it's just a lot more complicated than gong after seasonal local fruit + veg whatever that is - the madness of the world chasing goji berries and wheatgrass year round where whatever real food will suffice.

It's not like human evolution to make survival so hard that only the richest few can afford the food required for life - much more likely that the microbial community within our guts are sufficiently resilient to turn a diverse proper food (only a little of local fresh minimally processed organic vegan de-lectinized) into the array of factors which we need for happy survival.

07-25-14, 03:57 AM
Other question been wondering about -

is high anti-oxidant in food simply the consequence of high sun exposure ie anti-oxidants are produced to protect the organism from UV ?

Certainly I'm drawn to spend hours in the sun (which the UK doesn't have).

People associate sun exposure with cancer but but but - I'm pretty sure that this is sun exposure diet interaction ie if we eliminate the growth promoting foods which activate insulin/IGF-1/GH axis
- that we can turn the sun to our advantage.

You see - this is the problem with medicine.

Too much of this:
"Thus, our results suggest that the melanin from A. nidulans is a potential HOCl scavenger and may be considered a promising material for the cosmetic industry for the formulation of creams that protect the skin against possible oxidative damage."

You don't need any industry - just need a community garden which you work in, feed from and fertilize with your composting toilet. Eating little, only natural food, exercising in the sun -
- and you've your own anti-oxidant generating machinery, autophagy machiney (cancer protective), exercise, personal reward machinery,


in overdrive - don't need gym corporation for exercise, yoga corporation for stretching, cosmetic industry for skin protection, medical industry for anti-obesity drugs, anti-depressants for low mood

IE we are (the human body is) sufficient biochemically to protect itself and live a happy life

AS LONG as we go wth the program and aspire towards a moral (aligning our motivation with what's best for society and hence ourselves) existence.

07-25-14, 04:09 AM
Can't access this article but

"Role of antioxidant defense system and biochemical adaptation on stress tolerance of high mountain and steppe plants"

- maybe plants grown at altitude ie highest UV exposure 'd naturally point us to a set of plants with high anti-oxidant content.

Hmmm ... ...

Darjeeling green tea.

Noting effects of roasting/processing (anti-oxidant reduction) of eg chocolate/tea.

The Maya ( believed the kakaw (cacao) was discovered by the gods in a mountain that also contained other delectable foods to be used by them. Mountains.
High UV exposure.
High spectrum anti-oxidant production.

Protection (oxidative stress).

Puy lentils from the Alps.
Tea from Himalayas.
Cocoa from the Andes.

Puy lentils come from a mountainous region in France<wbr> ...


So best tasting food if generated in high UV ? HYPOTHESIS

Storage dissemination - easy see tea, cocoa been and lentil

- dried - don't exceed 30-40 degrees (hottest temp life exists on plant)
- otherwise anti-oxidant degradation.

Ahhh ... ... but didn't you say that anti-oxidants weren't that important.

However - easy to prove experimentally - do the experiment to see if beneficial.

And - more looking at the taste improvement ie pleasure from eating proper foods.

Artificial light generated plastic fruit/veg makes the job of the parent to feed their children proper foods very difficul indeed.

Am prepared to backtrack on the importance of anti-oxidant rich foods but not push them in importance above the 3 examples above of protction against oxidative stress

ie no psych stress (moral living), fasting and soluble fibre feeding gut biome.

07-25-14, 04:37 AM
What's my problem with anti-oxidant rich foods ?
Do anti-oxidants eaten pass out from GIT and permeate body in sufficient concentrations to quell mitochondrial free radicals at a biologically significant level.

That's all - easily tested.

It's easier to see how good bacterial happy fibre fermentation into SCFAs 'd occur at more significant levels.

The plants make anti-oxidants to proect themselves from the sun -
I don't see why we shouldn't do the same - ref. back to endorphin production through UV exposure (POMC - melanin + endorphin).


In simple words what's going on -

this urge to 'grow' is supposed to be shut off by completing growth (completing mind).
Supposed to observe a transition in reward systems from growth to maintenance.
Doesn't happen in the absence of wisdom.
People eat themselves to death.
As covered in basis to autism thread - ketosis associates with neural connection assembly - represents the biochemically supportive environment to nerves reassembling into 'quality' sensing networks

ie what we're observing is:

growth [body] + learning - attraction to growth promoting foods
-> completion mind (wisdom) - loss attraction to growth promoting foods - ketosis preferred state
-> under ketosis nerve reassembly occurs preferentially
-> quality/art sensing machinery developed.


science offers the transition into art.

We don't get to live until we've completed the transition into wisdom, loss of addiction to growth promoting foods, capacity to sense quality

- life then becomes about nothing other than striving towards quality.

Freedom from addictive propensity.

We escape self-destructive programming - switch from marathon barbecue in sun to ultra-marathon and get to live without chronic disease.

Problem - don't feed growth paradigm simultaneously ie ultramarathon in sun not marathon barbecue.

07-25-14, 04:53 AM
the most abundant antioxidants in ingested fruit are not necessarily those leading to the highest concentrations of active metabolites in target tissuesbut they do seem to work.

However, it is now well established that antioxidants undergo substantial metabolism after being ingested by humans in dietary relevant amounts and that concentrations of plasma metabolites after normal dietary intake rarely exceed nanomolar levels


07-25-14, 05:28 AM
Now what's the best way of ensuring little free radical production.

Well turn down the flame.

IE reduce the rate at which we burn - respiratory rate.

Relaxation is well known to result in a reduced respiratory rate.
Stress with an increased rate of respiration.

Now there's a natural connection here into
stimulant - increase rate of respiration (not in ADDers - paradoxical effect)
narcotic - reduce rate of respiration


Try a different line - if rate of respiration (imagine we're a burning candle) determines our life.
Then what'd evolution (survival) be heading us towards.

Burning more slowly.

So - reduced use of energy - daydreaming ADDers ?
That's consistent.

Why can't daydreaming ADDers daydream ?
Have to earn money - stress (hyperactive / inattentive reaction) - daydreaming is like a happy low wnwegy low EEG state.

Best things to eat with medication ?
Research shows that we see increased bodily sympathetic nervous system activation with fasting 2 - 4 days.
Stimulants activate this system.

Answer = nothing ?
Eat nothing.

So - we all know what inattentives are like - in simple lanhuage sleepy.
Currently fasting and what happens when I eat.

Parasympathetic nervous system - rest + digest

Makes sense.

So what'd the best thing for an inattentive - get 'em off food.
Which is really easy if you're on dexedrine (appetite suppressant).

Harder if not.

07-25-14, 05:34 AM
which're digested by the microbiome into producing our own anti-oxidants

"Research concentrated on the polyphenolic compounds found in fruits, vegetables, and beverages indicates that these molecules are not those that are transported through the human body in the circulatory system, or reach body tissues to elicit bioactive effects ... ..."
"Instead, it is their metabolites, formed in the small intestine and hepatic cells, and low molecular weight catabolic products of the colonic microflora that elicit antioxidant effects. Understanding transport and modification of these compounds certainly carries interest for drug discovery"

Arghhhhh enough with the drug discovery - just eat a little, eat right be moral.

Anyway nearly

But the ani-oxidant titre may be more important than just far distant secondary to fibre. Just secondary ? Indistinguishable ? Maybe anti-oxidants and fibre are both required substrates for gut biome microbial physiology.

Looks like even anaerobic bacteria are in need of protection against oxygen.

Anaerobes, on the other hand, cannot grow in the presence of oxygen. Oxygen is toxic for them
post edit
Or maybe anaerobic bacteria are in particular need of protection from oxygen ie it's not only that they do not require oxygen for energy generation - but oxygen is simply toxic to them.

It's funny how the thing all human beings love - breathing clean clear fresh oxygen is a-killing us ... ... ... so much in common with the foods we like (toxic animal products, processed products), toxic working practices (supporting consumerism and planetary death), toxic human hierarchy (supporting human suffering and death under control by a psychopathic boss).

But it needn't be that way - if we reduce blood pressure, reduce heart rate, alter profile of human reactivity
- shift to sensory/quality sensing
- we live a life of little energy requirement.

Once again - funny (black comedy) how the world is attempting to generate as much energy as possible instead of reduce usage / increase efficiency
ie destroy ourselves [unstable nuclear power plants generating weapons grade radioactive material and world warfare over oil fields powering the heaviest of war machine] insteading of increasing healthy longevity.

Hard to imagine the military's fastest planes and heaviest tanks shifting onto hippy cold pressed biodiesel from unassumign plants.

Mind you - playing currently

Don't feed the people but we feed the machine.

Maybe human beings are dumb enough to deviate all food production into the military.

07-25-14, 06:10 AM
So what's the summary ?

There's nothing wrong with human beings at all.

There are simply systems which human beings introduce which have downstream effects on our health.

What human beings generally do is spot a problem and then attempt to fix them - inadvertently creating 2 more problems.

Before you know it - we've so many different problems that things become overwhelmingly confusing.


--- Solution ---

[a] Systems not molecular education aimed at teaching what is right and what is wrong.
A society without any human hierarchy (no human being can own any of the material world more than any other) ie [B]no external compulsion on anybody to do anything.
[c] Co-operative shelter/food production as our only 2 essentials - estimated time required out of your life for your lifetime - no more than a few weeks in total.
[d] People work for personal reward.
(so dance if you want to, play music if you want to, program if you want to, design clothes if you want to - just make sure your co-operative operates the entire chain volitionally ie there will be no wage slave to collect your cotton for you to work with, or clean your toilets whilst you play computer games )
[e] Simplified diet/fertilizer which involves local eating and human composting toilets used to provide fertilizer to field.

So -
Development of (love/desire of) equality through a personal enquiry into morality (alongside application within an aligned social environment) as root to alleviation of suffering.

ie to do what's right [towards becoming happy and eventually achieving freedom (from addictive propensity)] you have to know what's right and be allowed to do it.