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07-12-14, 07:22 AM
I was hoping to have this done before I take a Harley ride to Denver on the 15th to visit a lot of old friends who have moved out their. I may finish up the finial touch up today but not the frame which is ornate , gilded and broken corners. These projects I call up my hyper/focus , real time talents that I covet above my artistic abilities for with out the ol ADHD I would never have obtained the patience's to do either.
A customer brought this painting in . Her house keeper brought her cat to work and the cat went ballistic in the house and knocked this painting off the wall. The painting is French dated 1811
I love this kind of work. Just about done with this. I had to remove the strip repair to the tares fearing they would not hold under the re stretching on to the frame. I remounted the painting on a new canvas backing and got 100% adhesion on a heavy weight canvas. Then the cleaning process of the painting to remove all the air and smoke dirt Then started the touch up process. Filling the cracks with a pumas (rotten stone) and gesso or whiting mixture. Sanding the surface smooth the laying glaze coats to get the artist Coloring as close as I can. I have about an hr left for glaze coats to go. 4 or 5 more tones. Then the re stretching on the frame ( (

07-13-14, 06:31 PM
Fantastic work! Youve really brought the color back into the painting. I think your customer should thank the houskeeper for doing her a favor ;) the painting is going to look like a million bucks when you are done :)

07-14-14, 09:16 AM
Thanks Jayson