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07-14-14, 12:50 PM
Uninspired as this
It is just too late to say
What the crows brought me to today
What the ants are building along the way
What the dogs are howling for
Whether this nightmare has more to say
What secrets hide behind the moon light
What’s inside the day that runs away
Where are those lost words I know so well
Will I lose sight of them along the way
What’s in front of the road and beyond the pain
Perhaps im too tired to tell
I’m just too tired to say
Why the rats came out to play
Why we feed off each other and say
It wasn’t really meant to be that way
When we wait for the call
The crows will come and the angels will fall
When I came this far I know I'll be too late
For the feast at the top of the mountain
It's so easy to betray
We try so hard to obtain
On time or On the way
It just isn’t the same
It’s too hard to tell if It came too early
Or If I am too late
I just know the forest is full
Of little lost angels
Trying to find their way
Before they’re swallowed by the world
The forest is full of fables
Tales I’m too tired to tell
I’m so inspired by your well
I’d rather taste a sip of heaven
So I can watch you burn in hell
your words left me so inspired
That I’m too tired to make an excuse for you