View Full Version : 3rd Annual Conference on ADHD & Executive Function in Pittsburgh, PA

07-14-14, 03:17 PM

The ADHD Across the Lifespan Clinic of WPIC is proud to present the third annual ADHD and Executive Function conference. The keynote presentation this year will be given by the esteemed clinical psychologist, Thomas E. Brown, PhD. The title of his presentation is "Emotions and Motivation in ADHD: Implications for Assessment and Treatment." Recent research has shown that emotions play a much bigger part in the difficulties of individuals with ADHD than had been previously recognized. Many very bright persons with ADHD get stuck in their schooling, work, family interactions and/or social life due to unrecognized problems with emotions that impact their motivation and self-management. Using examples from daily life, Dr. Brown will explain why those with ADHD can focus and work very well on some tasks, but not on others, discuss why they struggle to focus and work on these tasks, illustrate how unrecognized emotions often complicate daily functioning, and offer suggestions for dealing constructively with these difficulties.

The afternoon will consist of presentations on topics for professionals who work with individuals with ADHD, adults living with ADHD and parents of children with ADHD. Each session will be available for anyone to attend but will concentrate on issues related to one or more of these groups. Participants should leave the conference with a greater understanding of the multitude of issues surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD across the lifespan.

The conference is designed to present the latest research and clinical knowledge regarding ADHD to a wide audience: psychiatrists and other mental health clinicians, including nurses, social workers, educators/teachers, and psychologists; service coordinators, researchers, patients and their relatives, mental health policy administrators and others who intend to keep current regarding etiology, treatment, and research regarding ADHD across the lifespan.