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07-15-14, 01:57 PM
Hello all! So, I've been on ADD medication for a little over a year. I started off with Adderall XR 10mg, and progressed up to the 30 mg XR, 1 daily. Around the beginning of February, I wanted to try Vyvanse. I was prescribed 40 mg at first, but it made me feel awful. My doc bumped it down to 30mg. I found that it took WAY to long to kick in (I'm in graduate school plus a 3rd grade teacher, so I like to get up early to do school work) and made me anti-social. I felt like I was slowly turning into a zombie. I decided to switch back to Adderall XR a few weeks later. Everything was great until the beginning of June. I had just visited the doctor and received my script for Adderall XR 30mg. I decided to try a new pharmacy, stupid move.. The generic adderall they gave me wasn't the same. It reminded me of Vyvanse, no emotion or feeling. I went back to the doctor and he decides to put me on Adderall IR 2x20mg. I absolutely hated it, it hit way to hard and the crash was horrible. When the medication wore off, all I wanted to do was curl up and cry. So, I switched doctors and I decided to try Focalin XR 20mg. All Focalin did was make me drowsy and irritable.

So, right now my new doctor has me back on Adderall XR. He told me that I should consider Concerta. I know that Focalin and Concerta are chemically similar. If Focalin XR made me drowsy, would Concerta do the same thing? Do I even need to waste time and money on this medication? Any advice would be awesome!

07-15-14, 08:07 PM
I too switched from Adderall to Ritalin. I tried all of the methylphenidates, and brand Concerta is the best for me. There are more side effects with the others imo. You may want to check with your pharmacy and see what brand of generic they carry. Right now there is an FDA med watch on generic Concerta for defects in the generic release mechanism failure. There is one manufacturer who has struck a deal with the brand producer to distribute under their license, so you're not **** out of luck.

This article can better explain the controversy:

07-16-14, 12:09 AM
Hello to you and I hope I can be helpful.
I've been on Concerta for about a year. I like it.
It's not as strong as say Adderall. That really why I'm on it because my doctor saw how Dex was affecting me.
With Methelphenidate the mechanism of action is different. Still produces a similar result but it's a bit more forgiving in the way it works. Give it a try. See how it goes.