View Full Version : Flight of Ideas

07-18-14, 03:37 AM
How do you "deal" with flight of ideas?

Sometimes I have so many that if I don't voice them or express them in some way I feel like exploding, but sometimes this backfires and I get more hyped up.

Actually, at first they start to be good

and then turn into a huge mess

Like, a million different thoughts and wanting to do a million different things

And not knowing how to act and trying to pick up everything at once

And not wanting to go "up" higher if you know what I mean?

07-18-14, 03:52 AM
I don't have bipolar at all but I keep a journal
It's weird i just write down what happened the day before (like facts) or something interesting I saw. It's like a framework for the rest of it.
anyway maybe it would help if you wrote things? (by hand - not on the computer).

07-18-14, 10:38 AM
I still don't manage all of my thoughts well enough.

I have learned to hold them in because it will drive others crazy if I open my mouth.

07-21-14, 08:24 AM
Since I've been on meds it's happened less and less but when it does happen I get excited and feel like I should actually put those ideas into practice. My latest flood of ideas or just rapid thoughts were anxiety related and visual and were very distressing. So, I just tried to think of something else. Something I would enjoy. It seemed to work.