View Full Version : Consistancy = diet?

07-18-14, 01:52 PM
I'm back on Concerta, 54 mg starting today. I was actually afraid that would be too much stim for me, but actually......It's just making me sleepy. (so far)

I'm having issues with consistency of the medication.

Some days, It works GREAT! I'm able to focus on what I'm doing, and get a lot of things done.

Other times, I can focus, but I'm not able to direct the focus at will very easy...I end up spending way too much time concentrating on irrelevant things. Blah!

Some days, I get NO affect from it. I'm just Me in my Add world.

There was ONE day I had a TON of energy, but couldn't (or maybe didn't try hard enough) to put that energy towards anything productive.

Today, I'm just super duper sleepy! Don't really have a lot to do at work, so maybe that's contributing??

I tried to look at past threads about inconsistencies, but it's kind of hard to make sense out of all them. LOL!! I DID check my RX and it is manufactured by the "good" place. I think... LOL!!

From your all experiences, Can you give me some ideas to help at least get a consistent affect?

The ONE consistent thing, is that it ALWAYS wears off by midday/afternoon... No matter WHAT the dose. (I don't understand WHY she keeps upping the dose when it worked fine at a lower dose..At least for a few hours)
Another thing I've noticed is that my caffeine intake has drastically decreased. I didn't intend to quite caffeine, I just find myself wanting water. I still have my morning coffee of course, but IF I drink a soda now, I never manage to finish it.
My appetite is pretty much non existent until all of the med wears off...I've never been a breakfast eater, but I used to eat a snack mid morning and lunch. Now I don't eat until dinner time. I'm ok with loosing a few pounds, but I wonder if that has something to do with the effectiveness.

Is there something I can do (lifestyle) to get it to last longer?

Another weird thing......I always thought Stims would make me hyper...Like a lot of caffeine. Why does it actually slow me down? How and WHY would people abuse this stuff?