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07-19-14, 01:06 PM
I recently tried a switch from Adderall 2x20mg to Focalin XR 20mg. I took it for 7 days, and my experience was not good. I felt very drowsy, unmotivated, and lethargic. I understand that Adderall and Focalin are different types of stimulants. I'm wondering if my doctor started me on to low of a dose. Any advice would be helpful!

07-22-14, 08:40 AM
I began focalin approximately two months ago. I previously was prescribed dexedrine spansules 2x10 mg daily.

Although people react to meds differently, most people can predictably convert between MPH and AMP because of cross tolerance. It's commonly stated that focalin and dex conversions are about a 1:1 ratio. That established, adderall is commonly said to be about 75% as strong as dex to 20mg adderall = 15mg dex = 15mg focalin. I would take this with a grain of salt because the l isomer does have an effect. So in my opinion 20mg adderall = 20mg dex = 20mg focalin.

You likely need a higher dose. you were taking 40 MG of adderall over the course of a day. That would be at least a 2x 15mg per day, or 30mg total, maybe even 40mg.

Also, focalin is much shorter acting than any of the amphetamines. focalin will last anywhere from 3-5 hours. I personally get 3 hours until I start forgetting stuff.

I found that focalin is far less stimulating to the PNS than any of the amphetamines (I've been RX'd adderall as well). Although it doesn't give a kick like the others, I can finally follow steps 1>2>3>4>5 without deviating to a bunch of other tasks. My conversations are finally more linear and I don't have to hunt for details when explaining things.

Best of all, I don't feel drugged like adderall or dex. I would exercise caution when expecting motivation from stimulants; they will leave you hanging.