View Full Version : You take or have taken ritalin?

07-21-14, 12:21 PM
I find on ritalin I have bouts of grumpy moments. It’s like I’m just very impatient. I find it’s mostly during the times that the ritalin is out of the system. Now I was having anxiety depression issues before starting ritalin so it’s hard to know if the grumpy moments are from the ritalin or not. I think it might actually be causes by the clarity being gone with the ritalin out of the system. I’m on 10mg twice a day.

Does aderall or slower releasing options help with this?

There is no doubt the ritalin has lifted much of my anxiety and depression, but still feel distant from myself and my personality. Not entirely but enough to notice and worry. Normal? Or options?

07-21-14, 02:49 PM
i cant speak for non stims as never tried them for adhd but stimulants all have irritability as a potential side effect.

i can be irritable on because in a way i guess im trying to ride it to its maximum and get as much done as i can and when i come across barriers or people getting in my way i can get a bit like 'your either helping me or in my way'

i ammore irritable off because its so frustrating even trying to get dressed because im so distractable and chaotic its like walking through molasses

07-21-14, 06:01 PM
I had a trial of Focalin for a few weeks.

I found that I would experience irritation/frustration/anger so easily, and the time from stimulus to my wanting to bite someone's head off was very short.

Discontinued for that reason.

I have had Ritalin in the past and it tended to exacerbate anxiety and lower my threshold for BS (others' and my own).

That was the main reason for discontinuation of that med as well.

Dextroamphetamine has been much better in this regard. It actually chills me out.

I mean, even driving, sometimes I'm just cool, calm, and collected. Even when I'm stuck behind someone doing 42 in a 55 zone. :p

07-21-14, 06:48 PM
Quiet on the positive I see :( thanks for sharing you two.

07-22-14, 05:16 PM
I tried Ritalin for a few months.

Taking 10 was a roller coaster. I felt irritable in the arvo as well. 5mg/3hrs was smoother.

I can relate to feeling a bit distant, but it worked. The focus and clarity were good.

07-22-14, 07:07 PM
I've been trying it for the last 6 weeks... I get this sensation under my skin that drives me crazy! like too much caffiene but I'm not mentally alert like caffiene would do. It has increased my blood pressure 10 points consistantly too.

I see my pscych tomorrow and I think this is the end of the road for methylphenidate and I. Hopefully I can go back to dex.

07-23-14, 09:39 PM
I might have what some call overfocused ADD. Not sure if ritalin best choice but it has worked in calming the ruminating.

07-24-14, 03:26 AM
before it gets low eat something. I carry cliff's with me all the time. its weird but it actually makes it noticeably better. otherwise dextroamphetamine might suit you more, focalin makes me have pin point focus but dex just mellows you out so you can do what you do.

but mostly, eat on ritalin. best advice I can give

07-24-14, 04:03 PM
Eat on ritalin? I tend to try and not eat for couple hours after figure body will obsorb it better? I don't get any bad side effects doing that?