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07-22-14, 06:48 PM
Any ladies have ideas about how to stay motivated to workout?

I start and get all excited and do ok with working out and eating healthy and then just sort of fall off. I know PMS does not help but I hate routine in general so I get bored with everything. Also I've been way too busy but I feel like I could fit short workouts in. Just been doing hiking and walking and a few gym trips lately but I have lost weight before doing cardio like zumba and weights or a power/body pump class.

Just wondering what you ladies do or any tips, tricks that I can fit into a busy schedule? Especially things that motivate you.

I just did a cleanse and a good hike so I don't want to get back in a rut. I'm finding it hard to get to any type of group class right now.

07-22-14, 10:06 PM
I've been getting back into exercising too. One motivation is watching something motivational--the American Ninja Warrior, for me. Even though I know I will never reach their state, I hear some of their stories, and I see what they can do, and it inspires me to do better.

Another is a tangible goal. There is a creek about two miles from my house. I want to get fit enough to walk down there, relax by it, take pics, explore, etc. So I'm slowly increasing how far I can walk.

A third thing is a phone app that measures my progress walking.

These work for me. Is there something tangible or physical you can shoot for? Some way of measuring your progress and seeing a reward? Mine is a creek. Yours might be an outfit that shows off the arm muscles or calf muscles, etc.


07-22-14, 11:02 PM
I agree with gatherer - some way of measuring my progress usually helps me.

I also like to try new activities when I feel like I'm in a rut. I'll look on groupon or places like that and get passes for rock climbing or something. Or look for an adult soccer team or something like that. Friendly competition does also motivate me, nothing where people get too intense.

It sounds really basic, but it also has to be something that I enjoy and that I feel like I'm somewhat good at. And having a friend or trainer to be accountable to also helps. If you want to do gym workouts and can afford it, I think working with a trainer is great. They do all of the boring stuff like deciding what machine/activity you should do next, setting it up, and counting the reps, you just have to actually do it! I wish I could still afford that.

07-23-14, 08:58 AM
Music! The right music with headphones is a major motivator for me. I can block out everything around me and my favorite songs inspire me and make me feel good and I end up getting the best workout even if it's just walking the track.

A reliable partner. Schedule walks or workouts with a friend or partner and you have a better chance of sticking to it.

Good luck sister!

"I get enough exercise pushing my luck!" ~Rodney Dangerfield

07-23-14, 12:12 PM
Have you ever stayed consistent in working out for around 2 3 weeks, to see what happens next?

This is how it's been working for me: If I could make it consistent in the first 2 weeks (which is a very hard task to do) then after that if I don't work out for a few days, it's like something is forcing me to do it, it's like my body is requiring the work out to function normally, and I go work out instead of making excuses for my self (like, I don't have my sport outfits, I haven't had enough food today, no time, what if I get tired after working out and can't stud?, etc)
(and I have heard the same thing from many people who have always their gym outfits on and are always in the gym :) )

.... First I thought it's just an illusion that I think my body gets used to (or even get addicted!) to working out, but while searching online about dopamine trigger habits and stuff, I came across some information regarding the effects of working out, by reading which I realized that my intuitions in this regard actually have scientific support. So, scientifically your body could get used to working out (the same way we get used to caffeine, for example), so whenever your body don't get enough of it, you are mentally forced to go and provide your body with what it wants :) )

So why did I say all these? What is the relevance?
Because, I personally don't have any trust in my self for being consistent. So this thought that I have to fight all my life for being consistent in working out, makes me give up! because I know that I can't do that! But if I think that I just need to take car of the start, and my addiction takes care of the rest, then that's something that can motivate me to don't give up working out :)
Well assuming that this might work for everybody to some extent, then here is THE question:

How can I start working out and be consistent for two three weeks?
Well, I don't know the answer! At least for me that's the most difficult part. But there are things to try! I think what others said could be very useful...

Here is how I could do it the last time:
So I had plan to start working out again for losing weight, and work out regularly not just occasionally with huge gaps! But I just couldn't make it regular!
I begged my husband to join me. He always said ok but never did.
Finally we made a deal: he said if I (me) go to the gym consistently for two weeks (I could choose whether every other day, or every day) without even one day skipping, he would join me after that (he made this deal because he BELIEVED that I wouldn't be able to do it!)
Well... that motivated me and I did it! and after that the MAJIC HAPPENED and I got used to and even didn't ask my husband to join me....

That was just an example, the key point is to motivating your self in any way you're gonna always need the motivating boosts...
For the start... for when the working outs get to routine and boring for your body, for when there has been a gap (like traveling or something) and you have QUIT THE GOOD ADDICTION :)

Some things that usually work for me: I set goals, change the routine, I hate cardio machines, I need something more challenging, I take partners, whenever I can afford I register a class, try to find something that you enjoy, if the joy is not there and it's only about doing the right thing and staying healthy, at least for me, that doesn't work!

DAMN! why can't I never write a short response! Sorry! I hope it helps...

07-23-14, 03:24 PM
Thanks for the awesome responses everyone! I'm motivated just by reading them!

Gatherer- Great ideas and my goal would be getting into a swimsuit in two months on my vacation and not feeling disgusting, just comfortable as well as the obvious getting healthy goal to avoid diseases now or later

Chicky75- Good call on the Groupons to try something new out. Yep, tried having a trainer and I felt like they weren't that motivational and it was WAY too expensive. All they did was print out moves for me to do and track stuff. I figured an App. could do that for free. Yep, friends going with me helps a ton but no one is on my same schedule or really that reliable anymore

Tmoney- You are SO right! Hit the gym lastnight after work and the music really kept me going. Thanks and love the quote!

Vpilar- Yep, did it consistently for about eight months before and lost thirty pounds not even going full force. I know what you mean about once you get to that point. I guess I'm more worried about when I'm past that point and going strong and then something happens. This always happens and I fall off. My workout buddy quits or schedule changes, the season changes (I get weather affected in Fall & Winter), I get sick and can't get back into it after, I get busy with work and have no time for it (which I realize is an excuse but I literally plan out every single day sometimes down to the hour and end up with no extra time unless I sacrifice time with my daughter- other times it's fine and i'm free). I always go back to working out and eating healthy but I just fall off a LOT. It's not that I'm going through the drive thru and doing nothing, it's just that I had a good routine going and I either get bored or something gets me off track somehow and I can't get it back. I try to switch up what kind of workout it is quite a bit too. I think just the lack of support is hard. No one else seems to be in that mode or wants to join me. A few friends will walk or hike so that's good. Guess I'm relying on others too much. Your husband sounds like a great guy and very supportive. That really helps a lot to have people like that. My boyfriend keeps saying he will go as well and has not signed up but seems to be waiting for my work situation to calm down so we can have the time to go together more. I got a few free Apps with workout moves and have been reading blogs, following motivational & healthy Instagram accounts, etc. which does help for the moment. I do also remember how good I felt after I had lost the weight a few years back. I was getting compliments left and right and just felt stronger in general. I do want to get back to that feeling. Thanks for the advice.


07-23-14, 09:05 PM
Ew, sounds like you had a sucky trainer... I guess it's like finding a therapist - you have to have the right fit!

Another thought I had was, what about Meetup groups? It sounds like you really like having someone to go with/help motivate each other. Maybe there's a group for people looking for workout buddies. Or something like a group I just heard about in the Boston area - the November Project. It was started by some people who would start slacking off working out when it started to get cold, and now it's year round and free for anyone to join.

07-24-14, 01:57 PM
Yep and I had two different trainers during that time. I think I only did it a month and then paid to get out of that expensive contract for a year.

That's a good idea. Oh nice. It would be cool to have a group to ask if I had no one to go with. It really takes a lot to get myself to the gym without a buddy. It kind of bores me. I even like going with a friend to group classes. I had some good situations going with friends for a while and it always just ends somehow which stinks. I need that peer motivation. I'm very back and fourth with working out and eating well anyway so it's hard to link up with someone who is doing that stuff when I fall off. I know I'm not reliable with it either so it makes it hard. I might just have to push myself harder to do this alone.

09-17-14, 01:21 AM
Sunlovinlady - You're not alone. I'm the same way. I'll start good but keeping with it is the hard part. Two weeks ago I hurt my hip and just started exercising today, no pain. If you would like an accountability person, feel free to pm me. Tomorrow I hope to go for a LONG walk, two hour round trip. For me it boils down to just do it. I just have to do it tomorrow.

~Side note: Curious do you like anime? I like your avi.

09-17-14, 04:10 AM
I like the fact that I can watch Netflix at my gym while working out. It makes the time go by faster.

09-17-14, 09:46 AM
the season changes (I get weather affected in Fall & Winter),

I guess this is an old thread and you may not be here anymore. But have you tried a sun lamp and/or vitamin D supplements (for supplements, have dr. check your vitamin D levels first)?

Coworker who used to get seasonal depression swears by the sun lamp. I never felt the effects psychologically, but I did have low vitamin D cause of the lack of sun in spring/fall/winter months.

If you went 8 months with exercising, then it does sound like you are able to motivate yourself. So to me, it's mostly about how to either eliminate or stop those hurdles that pop up on occasion.

Time - how old is your daughter. Can you do an activity that involves exercise with her (walk in a park, bicycling, etc). Good for her and you. I'd suggest alternative transportation to work that includes walking/bicycling part of the wat but it's tough in a rainy state if you aren't really committed.

Can your husband act like a trainer that even when he's not actually exercising with you, asks how your doing every two weeks or so (has in his phone a reminder to check in on you)? Sucks trainer worked so poorly for you. I find my trainer helps me a lot - one reason just cause he asks what I did in terms of exercise every week and when I tell him that I slacked off, I am determined to pick it up the next week. I don't slack off ever now though even without him (like when he's on vacation) cause I found a system that really works for me.

Also, if it's about losing weight. The right diet will help you lose weight much more than just exercise alone. I wouldn't go on those fad diets though. Everyone I know who's gone on them lost a tremendous amount of weight but gained even more than they gave up on it.

09-18-14, 12:07 PM
Lets workout! The trick is to mix it up! Bring Usher, he's not boring! Lol
Seriously i told myself ill workout on the nights that my brain is wide awake! Lol

09-19-14, 02:11 AM
You could try different types of sports and see what you like best. The more you like it the more motivated you'll be to actually do it. There are so many different types of sports and ways to exercise... Rock climbing, martial arts, tennis, kickboxing, skiing, snowboarding, gymnastics (adult classes do exist!), badminton, ice skating, table tennis, ice hockey, field hockey, jogging with a friend or a group, archery, yoga, baseball, juggling, bowling, lacrosse, roller blading, bike riding, belly dancing, golf, ballet, other dace classes, soccer, football, flag football, aikido, judo, aerial arts, track, cross country, rugby, volleyball, quidditch (it's a real sport now!), squash, surfing, weight lifting and capoeira, and more and more.

Sometimes I almost feel like I have the opposite problem because I enjoy playing sports a bit too much ;).

09-19-14, 04:13 AM
I don't work out but I walk, a lot, and if I don't do this for a few days I feel awful.

Absolutely yes for the sun lamp and vitamin D!
The problem is that I figure that the sun lamp "won't really make any difference and what's the point", once the worst of the seasonal depression hits (January). And that's when I need light the most! I really have to figure out a way to use it this year.

09-19-14, 04:49 AM
I think that going to a gym or taking part in organised sports would be the best way towards a lifestyle change (surrounded by people who have similar goals to yourself).

Saying that, as time is a factor for a lot of people, it's important to try to get into any form of regular habit you can manage as this is the most difficult part.

I've had periods of going to a gym regularly, and I do remember feeling generally better but like most things keeping up the habit of going regularly is the hard part and I think drudgery is the enemy. From personal experience, having short breaks turn into much larger and sometimes permanent breaks for me.

At the moment, I use cardio home fitness equipment, and have found the drudgery of the workout is overcome by watching something on youtube I enjoy such as a lecture series (MIT Psychology at the moment:)). This allows me to look forward to watching the next lecture in the series and don't watch any unless I am working out. This also makes every workout slightly different and I guess the same can be said for listening to different music etc. Also, I set an alarm to go off so I don't spend time checking out my clock every 5 mins and mark up a successful completion of an exercise session on a calendar.

This to me is an enjoyable compromise and at a later date may start up a gym membership again, but the habit of regularly doing some form of exercise is probably more helpful than having periods of taking exercise seriously only to have long breaks in between, which I have done in the past.

09-19-14, 05:52 AM
If I had enough, room I would really consider a stationary bike if I could watch TV;
or I would love to try aquagym but this is just impossible because I have a long commute and the class starts before I even get home.
(these sound like "excuses" but they are completely true reasons why I can't do these things!)

09-30-14, 04:06 AM
Work out naked. That'll motivate you!

09-30-14, 09:27 PM
I just joined a class where I can go at my own pace and the others in the class are really encouraging. It's for over 50 years of age and there are 80 year olds who are doing so much better than I am right now.
What motivates me is that I want to be active and as healthy as possible. Also, I like the teacher.