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07-22-14, 09:56 PM
I'm 13 years old and i have trouble completing things i find boring.

although i know i need to complete my work i just simply cant. i lack motivation in doing my work especially if it is great in size or i really need to think.

i once tried to do online math and i told myself "i can do this if i choose to" this turned out to be completely false. i just stared at the screen right in front of me. i really wanted to do pass my class but just lacked the motivation and willingness to do it. Although this is completely the opposite in classes i enjoy such as science were i can find motivation to pay attention in class and take notes.

i also can not remember the simplest of things like were my classwork is or where i left the house keys. my room is always a mess even though i don't really intend it to and even my back pack is messy.

i also have a problem completing long term projects i usually finish them at the last minute. my teachers are always saying the same thing for the past two years(since i started middle school) they think that i don't focus in class but on the days i can i do my work accurately and without much mistakes. i'm just unable to organize my time and myself. i'm usually very tardy.

whenever i'm talking to someone i daze off like i just stare at the floor and think. and i am completely unaware of my surrounded in that moment. its very hard for me to complete essays i become overwhelmed with my ideas i cant stay put on one idea even for a moment and if i try to i get really anxious about all the other ideas i have.

i easily get overwhelmed by a lot of homework i have and projects.

i find myself lonely because i try to explain to people what i feel and they don't understand they just think i'm just another girl with extreme laziness. My parents also do not understand they think i can just control it and i'm just acting like everyone else. but it is virtually impossible for me to stay focused and pay attention in classes i do not feel very interested in. whenever i try to do something i don't really wanna do i just cant my mind virtually just goes blank as if willingly trying to stop me to do my work and i get so stressed out and i wish all the time my parents could understand what i'm going through.

i don't know if this is a symptom but i am overly self conscious and i always see my self in different perspectives and angles. i don't know if everyone does this but i always have conversations with myself in my head.

i also have very poor self control i make goals for myself and feel motivate as i'm making them put when it actually comes to doing it i lack the motivation in doing so. i also find myself feeling restless as if i always want to do something fun but i never really know what to do. and it is also very hard for me to fall asleep and wake up. in almost every instance i cant remember if my parents woke me up if i fall back asleep. If my parents wake me up and tell me to do something and i fall back asleep i remember absolutely nothing when i wake up naturally.

i really just want to know is this all laziness or is it something more serious than that, or maybe just if i should consult my doctor. sorry if this was a bit long.

MADD As A Hatte
07-29-14, 07:14 AM
Hi Camile

Honey, your post wasn't "too long". It was the perfect length to give us a picture of what you're going through.

Your post took me straight back to sitting in my bedroom, doing my homework, in Year 7. You sound exactly like me when I was 13! Admittedly, being a teenager was a long time ago for me, but it seems like it was yesterday.

For example, I'd start my homework at 6:30, and at 10:30, when we were told to pack it up and go to bed, I'd look at my "essay" and it was still a blank page, just as it had been four hours earlier. But right next to it was an elaborate page with all the lyrics to "Bohemian Rhapsody" written in beautiful calligraphy, with intricate drawings, and love hearts full of "I love Brian May". But, no essay. Aaaaaugh. So darn frustrating

And like you, I didn't have too many friends, I was self conscious, I used to leave stuff everywhere ... it was maddening. I was continually in trouble for things that I simply couldn't help doing.

My thought is ... Is there a counsellor or year adviser at school who you can talk to tomorrow? These people are trained to listen carefully to what students tell them, and if you ask, they can do all sorts of things to help you get on top of some of your problems.

The thing is, sometimes it's hard for parents to see past stuff that looks like "laziness". But as an outsider, and from what you've shared with us here, the COLLECTION of problems you're telling us about leads me to think yes, you might have an attention / focus problem.

So, honey, could I encourage you to see your school counsellor - show them your post - the one you've written below. You're very bright, you have very clearly explained what's going on for you. Perhaps that might be a starting point with the school counsellor to get some strategies in place for your day to day stuff; and also maybe to work out how to talk to your parents.

You've asked for help here on the forum. That's great, but it's really important that out in the real world you get some help NOW with the problems you've described, before they get any worse.

I wish you the very best.

Do please keep in touch with us here. I am but one voice. There are lots of people who have different experience who might be able to guide you along the way.

Big hug, Camile x

P.S Just in case you don't know it, here's the wiki link for the song I mentioned above. But do your homework first!