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07-22-14, 10:03 PM
I'm 18 and I don't have my Driver's Permit yet. It's a complete nightmare for me. Every time I try to read the manual, I lose focus and forget what I'm reading. When I was in the Seventh Grade, I (stupidly) decided to ask my parents to take me off the medication I was taking for my ADD. As I said before, it's a complete nightmare reading through a whole chapter, struggling to pay attention, and forgetting the contents of the chapter. I don't know what to do and I'm getting very frustrated. The worst part is, my entire family has been pushing me to get the permit and move on with my life; I feel like it's a enormous weight on my life. Any advice?

07-22-14, 11:10 PM
Since you were on medication in the past, I assume you've seen a doctor at some point for ADD. Do you still see that doctor at all? Could you talk to him/her about going back on medication?

Also, I have similar problems with reading and processing what I read. My therapist recently suggested that I do neuropsych testing to see if I have a learning disorder that's causing the problem. Maybe you could talk to someone at school (if you're still in school) or your parents or doctor about that possibility?

More immediately, are there other ways of studying for the test? I remember when I did the test for the permit, it was a fairly simple multiple choice test. Can you maybe skip reading the whole manual and just make flashcards of what you'll need to know or something like that? Or ask a friend or family member who's taken the test recently to ask you some questions and you can just skim for the answers, without reading everything?

07-23-14, 12:22 AM
Yeah, I'm in my final year of high school, but wasn't diagnosed with anything but ADD. I thought I might have had Dyslexia, but I figured they would have caught something while they were testing me for other learning disabilities when I was younger. When summer vacation is over, I'll mention something to them.

I forgot everything about the doctor, the medication, etc. I already told my parents that I might want to go back on the medication, so I have to see a whole new doctor.

As for the the permit practice, there are practice tests online, but I'm not sure how reputable they are. I'm gonna try that method, and if I fail, then I'm going to have to think about other ways I can study.

Anyway, thank you for your helpful tips and advice.

Vet Hopeful
07-23-14, 01:09 AM
Have you tried reading just one paragraph at a time (easier to focus for two minutes instead of hours) and then summarizing it?

If you still can't recall or comprehend well and it is not a learning disability I think going back on meds is your gest bet. Meds really help me with comprehending while reading,

07-23-14, 02:18 PM
I'll try that too. Thank you for your help.

07-28-14, 07:26 PM
You could try R.I.D.E.R. but it is really slow and time consuming. You could look at other reading comprehension strategies for ADD. Or you could try to find motivation to complete the goal. ie. get the "fire" started and crush the course.

R.I.D.E.R. reading comprehension strategy
Prerequisite Skills:
1. Understand definition of image.
2. Ability to form visual images from spoken words.
3. Understands key vocabulary.
Materials: reading passage
1. Read
Read the first sentence.
2. Image
Make a mental image of the material read. - I draw pictures. A picture can replace a paragraph.
3. Describe
Describe your image – (1) If you cannot describe the image, explain why. (2)
you can make image, compare it to the earlier image (from earlier sentences).
(3) Describe to yourself the image.
4. Evaluate
Evaluate your image for completeness. Check to see that your image
includes as
much of the information as possible, and if it is complete, move on.
5. Repeat
Repeat the earlier steps for the next sentence.