View Full Version : From 20mg Adderall XR to 18mg Concerta.

07-25-14, 11:18 AM

First, I should state that I am more than a little skeptical about my doctor and her methods. I will give as much back story as I feel is pertinent.

-30 y/o male.
-Diagnosed with ADHD and auditory processing dysfunction early in life.
-Never been medicated for ADHD before two months ago.
-Started Testosterone Cypionate/Anastrozole x 2 years ago.

So, I started paramedic school at a very fast pace, super conpetitive school recently. The program earns just over 60 college credit hours in six months. I realized during the A&P portion that I was struggling and went in to see my doctor. She tested me and confirmed my diagnosis, then wrote me a scrip for 20mg adderall xr. She started low due to stress levels. After only days I had a yeast infection on my groin, athletes foot on both feet (I have NEVER had athletes foot), a bad break out of folliculitis on my chest (have hardly had a pimple in my whole life), and I broke out in hives. My concentration was amazing though, I was no longer taking notes, but was retaining better and studying more efficiently.
I made an appointment and went in, the dr told me these were not a product of the adderall xr but rather the testosterone. I explained why i disagreed, and she ordered me to go cold turkey for two weeks with a benadryl and claritin regiment as well as antibiotics to clear up the chest. At the end of the third day I was clear skinned and feeling great, except I couldnt concentrate and ended up failing a final exam.
Now she has written me 18mg of concerta, i dropped off the scrip today and am planning to pick it up in a couple hours. I will take it tomorrow and sunday to gauge its effect, if I dont feel the concentration I may just take the adderall on monday. Sure I will have hives, but I am at risk of being removed from the program if I fail another final! I have a family and I cannot afford to go through this again, plus my work is sending me and they will not be happy if I flunk out.

TL;DR: Dr switching me from Adderall XR 20mg to Concerta 18mg, does anyone have experiences with these two meds and if so, what was your experience? Did you have side effects with either one? What were they?