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07-27-14, 04:39 AM
I've had three psychiatrists so far (from GGZ, PuntP and Novarum) . None of them have more than a very basic understanding of ADHD, and every single one of them has prescribed me something which made things much worse. The only medications that worked were the ones that I asked for myself, after doing my own research.

There are still some issues, so I'm being referred to PsyQ now. They specialise in ADHD treatment, but I've heard and read that they focus mainly on behavioural therapy. Some CBT might help, but I already made huge improvements in every part of my lifestyle so I think this might be another waste of time.

Thanks to 23andme and a couple of great tools, I now have some hard data on where the problems are, and it correlates very well with my symptoms. But are there any psychiatrists in the Netherlands who would even understand it?

07-27-14, 05:54 AM
goedemorgen Andy,

Good to see more Dutch here! Interesting topic...

About 5 years ago I had my ADHD diagnosis at PsyQ in Utrecht, which they handled very professionally and thoroughly - and they were nice people, so it was excellent. I also had some months of individual therapy there but because my life was still a mess at the time and it took me more than an hour to travel there I missed about half of the appointments, but what I can tell you is that what I got was only good. And luckily they were patient and understanding with me forgetting appointments all the time :) (nowadays I never forget appointments, I managed to improve in that area (and others))

Oh, and since you ask about meds, I know that they are prescribing them at PsyQ - they have at least one psychiatrist working for them and at the start of the treatment they recommended me to go there - I believe they see meds as a standard part of the treatment of ADHD. I also remember that they start to try methylamphetamine (ritalin) - because that's effective for many and the cheapest, but if that doesn't work they'll look for other options with you (I didn't use meds because I was still uncomfortable about the idea of using them - now I use methylamphetamine).

Great that you made many lifestyle changes, I am interested in reading more about that :). What are your top 5 improvements?

So yeah, go there - it's a good option, worth a try!


07-27-14, 07:29 AM
Hoi Jacksper!

Thanks for your reply. GGZ started me with methylphenidate 5 years ago and I've had 7 different meds since then. Currently taking 30mg dexamphetamine XR and 300mg Wellbutrin. DNA analysis suggests adding Deplin, to help with the constant fatigue.

It's funny you say that you were uncomfortable about using the medication. I was too... I've always been completely against recreational drugs, and all I knew about Ritalin was that people give it to children to keep them quiet, and they stare at the wall and drool. That's what makes me so angry now... knowing that these lies are still being spread, and people like me aren't getting the help they need. I was diagnosed at 36, and 6 years later I'm still trying to sort out the mess that I'd made.

Improvements... cut out alcohol (not completely, maybe a couple of beers a month), cut out gluten (found out I was coeliac), cut out sugar, cut out artificial sweeteners (except Stevia), drink mostly water (sometimes Coke Zero if I really need the caffeine, but only with food because of the aspartame), cut out stoommaaltijden (too much salt), more fresh fruit & vegetables, smaller portions (small dark coloured plates and small knives & forks help with this), regular exercise (more weights, less cardio, and always take the stairs).

I lost 30kg in the last few years... although some of that was through extreme fasting, which lead to bingeing, which is when I had to go to Novarum for bulemia treatment. Those guys are awesome... not only was the bulemia cured, but a whole lifetime of irregular and unhealthy eating patterns.

I'm still working on getting more sleep, but don't have to set my alarm any more. And meditation is difficult when your mind won't shut up. I just started a course of hypnotherapy, to learn to accept myself and stop being so self critical for failing to meet other people's expectations. I want to get rid of this stomach-churning fear of making mistakes so I can feel comfortable speaking Dutch to people.

Work in progress! I was glad to read that PsyQ helped you a lot. I'm still not convinced that they know much about the biochemistry, but they do seem to be very helpful in other areas. I hope you continue to improve!

07-27-14, 07:58 AM
Yes, I have been diagnosed with ADHD-PI by PsyQ in The Hague. However, I got stimulant prescriptions from my GP.

07-27-14, 09:48 AM
Hi Vector. That's interesting, because I think that PsyQ in The Hague is where Sandra Kooij is based. Everyone I've spoken to says that the Hague branch has the highest level of expertise. If you don't mind me asking, how did they diagnose you? Was it just a set of questions, or were there psychological / medical tests as well? Did they try different medications or did you get lucky and find the right one first time?

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