View Full Version : Parents, would you tell your childs teachers about your ADHD?

miss anarchy
07-27-14, 07:44 PM
Hi guys, I am curious whether any of you would or have explain to your childs teachers about your ADHD?

I have been debating whether or not I should since I sometimes worry what they must surely perceive as laziness or worse negligence on my part and wonder if perhaps it would help for me to explain that I am not a negligent mother who deliberately takes my kids to school 5 minutes late everyday, refuses to fill in forms sent home or leave their homework until friday to hand in.
Rather that I have trouble with time management and reagardless to what time I get up we still struggle to get to school on time. As soon as I put paperwork/forms/permission slips down, whether on the bench, the fridge, the desk or anywhere, as soon as it leaves my hand it ceases to exist, I just simply forget I ever had it and I can pass stuff on the fridge everyday but I don't even notice its there.

I also worry though that the confession may make them either assume me incapable as a mother if they believe me. Or think I am making excuses.
It is very possible too though that I am just paranoid and they will be understanding, lol.
What are your thoughts or experiences?

07-28-14, 06:18 PM
I think it would be better to try to come up with a better strategy so that your child doesn't have to deal it. Perhaps put an in/out box by the door and place the papers in there so you will remember on the way out in the morning. Set a timer for 10 minutes before you have to leave the house so that you are ready in time.

07-28-14, 10:31 PM
I struggled with this same question. I didn't want my child to be "labeled". Then I realized I was doing him a grave disservice by not sharing his diagnosis with his teachers...they would have labeled him in other ways! Daydreamer, lazy, disinterested, etc. Now, not to say that he isn't a daydreamer, but we know why! In elementary school, if you can do any volunteer work for your child's teacher, I would highly recommend it. The better rapport you have with the teacher, the better team you will become for your child. Now, let's talk about OUR ADD... Squirrel! LOL My iPhone timer and alarms are MY FRIENDS and now they should be YOUR FRIENDS too. I set a doggone timer for every event in the morning - get up, get kids up, potty, breakfast, brush teeth, meds, shoes and socks, 10 minute out the door what works for you.

Do a trial run NOW before school starts so you can refine it. Get organized so you can model that behavior for your child. I have a clip board nailed to the wall for each kiddo where the important papers go. I can then fill them out and glue them to their noses on the way out the door. Ha ha. I've wished I could do that, haven't you? I also have a cheap three-drawer plastic craft box, that can hold 8/11 papers. One drawer for the school supplies need for homework - pens, pencils, crayons, glue sticks, tape, etc. and then a drawer each for children's papers. My kids lose papers. I lose papers. My kids forget to turn in papers. I never throw out papers until the term is done and I know everything has been graded. God bless you, I feel your pain, sistah! Don't beat yourself up, take pride that you, personally, can relate to your child better than any other person. Guilt is unproductive. You are on this forum, so you are an AWESOME PARENT. Go get 'em!