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04-04-05, 09:53 AM
Hi- I hope it is OK to ask this here! I recently started on meds for ADD, and my goodness- I have found the focus to work on decorating my house! I have always wanted to decorate, but it was too overwhelming so I never got started. As a result, my Dh did the decorating, and every room seems to have a beige theme! I want color! My Dh is so thrilled that I have found the focus to get started, that he has given me the all-clear to do whatever I want!

I'm not real creative, and I am not sure what will look good. Right now I am concentrating on redoing my bedroom. While out shopping, this weekend, I found just the comforter set I wanted but the store didn't have the matching pieces to it so I didn't buy it. But when i came home and looked for it online, I found it and it was on sale to boot! The whole thing should be delivered next week. I got the comforter set along with all sorts of pillows and all, plus matching towels and stuff for my master bathroom.
Problem is, I couldn't get a matching dust ruffle or curtains. And I want to have DH paint the bedroom (no more beige walls!) and I have no clue what color to go with at all.
Here is a link to a pic of the set I bought:

I am not going to buy anything else until the set actually comes, but I am wondering what color curtains and dust ruffle to go with. Paint too. The carpet in my bedroom is beige (what else?) and the furniture is a dark wood. My bedroom has a big bay window in it, along with a regular window. We get a lot of light in that room.
Any color advice or any other decorating advice is much appreciated!

Coral Rhedd
04-04-05, 02:09 PM
If you get north light in the room you may want a warmer color. If you get south or southwestern light you may want a cooler color. (This applies only to people who live in the Northern Hemisphere.) The comforter is already a bright warm color. Also never underestimate the power of pure white for making bright colors really stand out.

You might try this site:

Have a look at this color (a subtle light green actually):

White Hydrangea

It's a fun site.

04-06-05, 03:35 PM
OOOHHHIlikeit!!!! I would prob'ly go w/ a darker color so you won't see the "dust" on the ruffle. Shoemarks, dog dirt, etc... Or you could go w/ a green to bring out the subtle greens in the comforter. White would be good too---like Coral said. Post some pix when you get it done!!!

04-06-05, 04:56 PM
I love the colors of your comforter. I think like wits commented, Pick a color in your comforter, and you could go dark, or have a white slightly tinted with the color you picked...

My 2 canadian cents :rolleyes: :)

04-06-05, 07:46 PM
The comforter is already a bright warm color. Also never underestimate the power of pure white for making bright colors really stand out

I agree with this

04-07-05, 07:43 PM
Hi AlliMari. Maybe when my medicine kicks in I will be able to tackle my bedroom too. I supply a lot of creative ideas to family and friends - hope someday to use some of them in my house.
I love your comfortor. To me it has a cottage feel to it- is that what you are after? Can you give more information? Style of furniture, color of towels, or any other accessories in the room. What attracted the comfortor set to you- color, romantic feel,warmth, etc.

If you like a soft, romantic, frenchy sort of, cottage kind of look- I would have someone come in and put a faux finish french wash over the walls, but still stay with the nuetral creamier tones. (although that lime green is very big right now). There are a lot of people doing faux finishing now - the prices are probably pretty competetive so you should be able to find someone economical. I've seen a very subtle wide stripe pattern done that is really stunning.

I wouldn't put anything with ruffles on the window. But I would go with something gathered - have you seen those softly gathered, billowy roman shades? Now they would be beautiful in your bay window. And lastly, I would leave your beige carpeting and find an area rug to use over it. A round rug with a border would be beautiful -maybe pick up some the flowers in the spread.

04-08-05, 12:40 AM
Bee-- those are great ideas!!!

Alli---you could prob'ly do some of the faux finishing yourself (if that's the route you take). There's alot of good books/ websites w/ how to directions.

04-08-05, 01:19 AM
HAHAHA!! I just realized that I read your name wrong!!!! I thought it said "asmartBEE" Sorry about that ARTSMARTBABE!!!