View Full Version : I need to strap water bottles to me... haha

07-28-14, 08:11 PM
Because I've got such a dry mouth all day!

Tried water, powerade, fresh up, coffee (Har har), 7up, coke, energy drinks, Lukazade, Vegetable juice, fruit etc etc....

Water tends to make it worse, I'm not sure why, doesn't matter if it's tap water or Purified water, no difference...

I find sipping on a powerade helps me or just sipping some sugar drink helps. Not big gulps though...

I know it's a side effect.

I think my dosage is high, im not sure.

I weigh 82kgs, and I take a 20mg + 1 10mg in the morning then another 3 spread out through the day.

60mg total per day.

Any ideas on what else might help? I do concrete placing so I can stop and drink all the time....

07-28-14, 08:50 PM
there are prescription medicines that will aid you.

07-28-14, 09:37 PM
I was supposed to say:

"I do concrete placing so I can NOT stop and drink all the time...."

Concrete pour will start at 8am and we dont stop until about 11:30am some times, so I can have a quick drink then, but then we start again making it look all nice till about 4pm so It's hard to drink through out the day