View Full Version : strattera and memantine

07-28-14, 09:08 PM
i am on this combo of 60 mg strattera and 5 mg memantine [namenda].Today was my first day and i was wondering if any body had any insight in to wether it was a good choice. I will titrate up to ten mg memantine after 10 days and stick with that for a month before consulting pdoc on next step. strattera has been good for overall mood and not so much for concentration and i was hoping to augment this with memantine. I would highly appreciate any tips or future additions as well as on my current cocktail. thankyou:)

08-29-14, 01:40 AM
My doc tried me some strattera at 40mg and focus was a tad sharper but I was getting cold sweats and it did not a thing for my anxiety so I didn't stick it out long enough to really know if it would have turned things around.

That being said I also just started memantine today! I took my first dose about an hour ago and like you im starting at 5mg and titrating up.

When did you take your dose and have you felt any different since?

08-30-14, 12:53 PM
Wow. 5mg really kicked my ***. Im on my second day now. It most feels like a low low dose of ketamine. I had a really good sleep last night and some really vivid dreams, because i remember all of them which is crazy; i dont usually remember any of my dreams.

My mood is improved greatly which honestly i am very impressed. Def not placebo. I feel more motivated and my plans are actually solidifying as opposed to just winging it. Not to mention I haven't taken any dexedrine since starting memantine. I don't normally take my dexedrine on the weekends but now i have an urge to get some homework done which is ridiculous in a good way. So i very well might and i will keep you posted.

Also, strattera is apparently also an NMDA antagonist, so I might ask your doc about it.