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07-28-14, 11:53 PM
Hi I found this forum because I have discovered something important in my case.

I got 90 for maths 136 (3c/d), 72 for eng maths 120 but failed mechanics 100 last sem and only got 72 for physics 3a/b sem 2 2013.

I found now that calculus is for me.

Physics can be done by calculus but they generally avert from it as they think the majority does not grasp this easily.

THis may be tru but leaves ppl like me with the opition of having to go well outside to put it together which resulted in that grade.
I have been working all break and found that in particular with Inertia that they do not teach it properly. Ie , the triple integration of the mass of the lamia planar through x,y,z incorporating the differntiable elements concerned in their context.

I found it a lot easier to do "advanced" integration and vector calculus than to force everything with summation and averages.

In particular: did you know that ALL projectile motion is parabolic?
That means you need 3 data sets to plot a parabola, then solving the derivative for 0 (velocity component of position vector) you will find max h.
Enter that into the position vector for your x,y, then multiply the x by 2, you now have the info to create a parabola using a quadratic regression function on your HP10s+.

If youre asked a question like "how much clearance will there be over a net" or something else common in these questions, you enter the x location of the net in the newly created function and there is your answer.

You solve the position vector for 0 and you will get your max range.

That is far easier to show with a picture but I can't attach it.

After the work I've done this break, I solved that question in 4 or 5 steps.
THe units working out is over a page and a half long and impossible to follow (for me).

I want to start this thread specifically for myself to find ppl doing engineering who find also that they speak calculus and want to adapt that to start getting physics right.