View Full Version : Forthcoming ADHD storyline in UK 'soap opera'

07-29-14, 03:15 AM
Just a note mainly to UK members of the forum that the soap opera 'Coronation Street' is running an ADHD storyline over the coming weeks.

Although the writer has said that the storyline has been researched well due to ADHD being a sensitive topic to cover, and as I'm aware has not been covered before in this way on prime time TV, it will be interesting to see how ADHD will be depicted in this storyline to the UK public (soap operas by nature tend to be sensationalist).

Anyway, for anyone interested here is a 'spoiler'.

07-29-14, 04:30 AM

I don't really watch Corrie but based on the few episodes that I've seen I do think that they do their research even though the actual depictions are usually way over the top...

I hope they don't just focus on the hyperactive and disruptive side of ADHD..