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07-29-14, 03:38 AM
I have just been on a 3 day retreat and it was pretty 'out there'...

I had no idea what said retreat involved as booked it late with no research (no surprises there!)

It was called 'Healing the Wounds' and was run at a new age therapy centre where a community live.

It was very, very different from any meditations or therapy I've done before.

The basic theory behind it was dealing with and letting go of past hurts and emotions and moving forward with your life. The first night we shared in our group, which had 5 participants and 2 therapists, our reasons for being there. And what we hoped to gain.

My reasons were quite chaotic and many...

We did a meditation which consisted of shaking and dancing, called Sacred Earth, it is the first time I have ever done a physical meditation and it was really was enlightening. I felt very free and relaxed after.

The 2nd day we dealt with anger, and had to 'get' really angry, easier said than done. This was to release pent up anger one is carrying. We shared our stories of pain and hurt with different partners, whilst looking into their eyes whilst they were not allowed to say anything at all. We then did an hour long shake (shaking is exactly what is says, you shake your whole body) and then a rebirthing which is done to a breath meditation. This was very moving and made me cry a lot!

On the 3rd day we did a thing where you held your arms locked behind you to a partner and had to shout 'get off my back' and then anything that came into your head about people who've hurt you, been on your case since childhood..i mean really shouting, I lost my voice by the end of the weekend. You then released at a certain point, and danced. We then did a forgiveness meditation.

We also did lots of dancing, a very special meditation each morning about saying yes to life and embracing each new day and staying present in the day.
Every day also involved lots and lots of hugging.

The meditations are also supposed to take you away from being in your head and letting energy flow through your body.

Their theory is that we are born as love, with the way we are interacted with we develop a layer of pain and then a layer of fear and anger. Some of us show fear more and other anger, and some of us a mix of the 2. This workshop aims to remove the outerlayers and bring you back to yourself and the love that you are.

I've got to say I feel refreshed and relaxed and very happy after this retreat. It brought up multiple issues for me and was quite a journey. I hope I can remain more in the present, less inside my head and be the true joyful and loving me without the suppressions which have been put upon me since childhood. I feel more so that it is ok to be me, to be happy, excitable, sad and all the other emotions, but I now have to learn to feel them and move through them. I hope to keep practicing these meditations at home but will definitely be going back to this centre to partake in more things as they made me feel happy. :):lol:

love to you all xxxxxxx

MADD As A Hatte
07-29-14, 04:40 AM
Yeah, I love the Goddess weekends too. Remind me to tell you about the one I took my daughter to, when she was age 11, so I could SPECIFICALLY offload the "tampons and puberty" conversation from me, to other goddessy women, who were better able to instruct her. The unexpected bonus was that I learnt all sorts of womany stuff about being a woman that I'd never known!!!

Good on you!

I sent you a PM private message a couple of days ago, Kitty. If you have a moment, could you please acknowledge.

All the best