View Full Version : Anyone else find amphetemine medications to be the BEST anti-anxiety pills?

07-29-14, 06:21 AM
Seriously it's like I take them and ALL my worries.. fears... muscle tension all goes away and I focus on school and bettering my life. Of course the crash is terrible and that's where a benzo is truly intended to be used. But really, most people get terrible anxiety on stimulants. Why do people with ADHD have the opposite effects?

I don't wanna run a mile like on caffeine... I just wanna RELAX in my chair and research/work. It's incredibly relaxing. Benzos build tolerance so fast and only work for about 40 mins while Dextro lasts hours and hours. *Sigh* It just makes no sense.

07-29-14, 07:03 AM
Yes, best anti anxiety AND anti depressant meds!!

I used to crash quite badly after 4h but now I try to redose before the meds start wearing off (so every 2-3h), which gets rid of all crash symptoms. Strangely, I also don't crash after my last dose in the evening.

08-27-14, 08:51 AM
I also agree! Adderall XR (at the correct dose and timed properly) has totally wiped out my anxiety.

Was on Klonopin for years but I eventually started experiencing breakthrough anxiety and I refused to raise my dose any higher.

Coming off it it actually improved my ADHD symptoms at baseline! lol

Funny how our brains work.