View Full Version : (Higher) Love between mand and woman

07-30-14, 06:01 AM
Radio in the background.

Nearly every song is about love between man and woman.

Add in many books, most movies, theatre ... ...

Wouldn't the obvious question for the scientist be to ask
'what on earth are human beings going on about ?'

So - obvious connection is to animal models of reward being transmitted over the pair-bond.

But I think we can go 1 stage further and connect pair-bonds to make a species level structure.

IE it doesn't matter if Romeo meets Juliet unless other pair-bonds are accepting of their pair-bond.

If not - then the structure (male-female) and species-level structure
- falls apart.

Of course - a species level completed structure should represent an end-point in the current level of human evolution - of the species as 1 family

- noting that the structure will be at the level of mind ie

systematizing (male archetype) - empathizing (female archetype) duals scaling into forming a species level structure.


- are properties of mind.

Noting working out what's rationally in the best interests of the species ie

Systematizing - rationally
Empathizing - best interests of species

represents the route to formation of a species level structure ie the generation of man proper (you're not human until you're fixedly moral).

When moral - you really don't go around telling people they're not (<- basis to judicial system/legal system)
- you help them to be.

The judicial/legal system of force is what we're striving to get over, through personal transformation of rewards sytems.