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07-30-14, 06:33 PM
I just found out my wife is taking 140 mg of vyvnase daily. I have suspected that she is addicted for years.

Is it normal for a physc to prescribe 140mg when the max dose is 70mg ?

She also takes Klonipin, viibryd, precocet , and fentynal in a patch form.

08-01-14, 04:35 AM
What are the pain meds for? And the klonopin? In rare cases a doctor can prescribe above the max dose because they are daily recommended maximums not physical maximums. It is recommended not to exceed 70 Mg but that doesnt always work for people.

08-01-14, 10:28 AM
140mg holy ****. That is a lot of stimulant. Can cause panic attacks and she should get her heart checked to make sure she can handle it. The klonopein no doubt came after the vyvanse. Its ussually prescribed to offset the enhanced tension vyvanse can give. Pain meds to, sound confusing as to whats really going on with her

10-02-14, 08:02 PM
I am 6'2" and 190 lbs and I only take 60mg a day. 140mg for a woman is excessive

10-03-14, 01:49 AM
It does seem like a lot.

You never know.. does she weight over 400 pounds?

10-03-14, 04:21 AM
Since adhd meds are not dosed by weight I'm willing to bet she has an addiction issue.

10-03-14, 05:45 AM
140mg a day might sound "alot" but it could be that she doses 70mg 2 hours before she wakes up and additional 70mg at noon, when the effect from the first dosing has dissapeared.

My doctor told me that about 1/4th of patients have doses higher than "recommended" ones. Heck, when trying Ritalin I was upped to 70mg a day after three weeks of starting Ritalin.

140mg/day isn't very much.

10-03-14, 05:37 PM
Since adhd meds are not dosed by weight I'm willing to bet she has an addiction issue.


giving benefit of the doubt here...

speed baby?

10-03-14, 05:43 PM

140mg/day isn't very much.

yeah.. for a horse...


10-03-14, 07:54 PM
yeah.. for a horse...


Maybe's just BIG BONED...! :lol:

D WoodIce
12-31-14, 01:09 PM
140mg Vyvanse is equal to 20.8 mg dextro x2 - 41.6 total daily.
Max recommended daily is 60mg dextro. Does she eat a high fat diet? If so this may impede her ability to absorb the Vyvanse correctly so she may only be getting closer to 30/35mg a day - not really that high.

01-08-15, 09:13 PM
140 mgs of Vyvanse is equivilent to 60 mgs of Adderall xr so it is not that dangerous

01-09-15, 05:47 PM
Some people may just need more. If she's a rapid metabolizer. I take my adhd meds around the clock. In fact I take 60 mgs of adderall before bed because it helps me sleep like a baby. I've gone off my meds before, but the biggest benefit I get from them is that they take away my insomnia. Without meds I tend to feel a chronic and persistent akathisia or hyperactivity. It can be so bad sometimes that it almost feels painful. Hard to describe though. If I stop taking my meds I just get a return in symptoms, that's about it. Doesn't make me speedy though high doses make me fall asleep.

Anyways, I just think you can't say someone is an addict based on how much they are prescribed. There are other signs besides just how much they take. Everyones chemistry is different and if she were taking it around the clock then 140 mgs of vyvanse sounds about right. Most of the daily allowances don't take into consideration that ADHD adults usually need around the clock coverage. My doc always believes that the dose that is right for you is the one that offers the most therapeutic benefit but it is also one that you can sleep on./ helps you sleep.

08-25-15, 05:01 PM
Sorry, but had to comment on the ppl saying 140 is excessive.

For those who actually have ADHD, 140mg isn't excessive at all, if they've first tried 70 and it doesn't get them through a 12 hour span.

Secondly, your body first has to metabolize vyvanse and then turn it into the chemical that actually has an effect,

when the FDA approved 70mg, it was known that dose was a 50% improvement for some people. IDK about the person of whom this post is about, perhaps she did/does have an issue, but I was doing research and have an account so I wanted to comment.

08-25-15, 06:15 PM
Independently of the dosage, which may or may not be too high (that detail hardly matters one way or the other), if you have a real and easy-to-substantiate feeling that something is not right, then you need to find a way to help without causing greater hurt. But if this maybe-high dosage is the only thing that makes you wonder about addiction, then I think it would be better not to be alarmed.

08-25-15, 11:34 PM
Given the dose equivalency of 140mg of Vyvance to dextroamphetamine sulfate, that’s not reason for concern if that’s what the doctor ordered.

That said, Percocet and a Fentanyl patch is an interesting combo.


08-28-15, 01:44 PM
To me, the Vyvanse would not be so much the concern.. But the combination of Fentynal, Percocet and Klonopin definitely throw red flags!