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07-31-14, 12:10 PM
I've always had problems falling asleep. Even as a kid my parents always had trouble getting me to go to sleep.
But once I do fall asleep, I've never had major issues staying asleep.

That is until now. /sigh...
It's really frustrating me.
I'm having a hard time falling asleep...but now I'm also having a heck of a time staying asleep.

I'll get to the point of exhaustion where I just start passing out. I may be laying in my bed playing on my computer or phone...and I just start blanking out. Falling asleep rapidly, then waking back up extremely exhausted, so I'll put my computer or phone or whatever away and fall asleep.
...for 30 minutes to 2 hours. Then I wake up. Sometimes it's from nightmares, sometimes it's because I have to go to the bathroom...but I'll still be extremely groggy and exhausted. So I'll go to the bathroom, crawl back into bed ready for some more comfy sleep...but I can't.
My whole body wants to sleep...but I just lay there and can't. After an hour or 2 of laying there I give up and get back up.

I go through this for 3 or 4 days, then I finally have a day, maybe 2, where I crash really hard and get 4-6 hours of sleep.
But it's really wearing me out. It's hard to function like this.

I have uncontrolled sleep apnia...I was on an oxygen machine...but I just couldn't do it. I have a hard enough freaking time trying to fall asleep as it is. I found it damn near impossible to fall asleep with a mask punching me in the face constantly with air. :rolleyes:
And the last few times I took sleep meds (melatonin)...I think it caused my sleep apnea to flair up real bad (from falling into such a deep sleep) and I kept waking up with a pounding heart and gasping for air. Really scared me.

Not sure what to do.
I'm hoping that when (IF) I get my job, I'll get so physically exhausted from it, that I'll HAVE to get more sleep. I know I can't function well at my job for long as is.
I do need to set up an appointment with my doctor and see what he thinks.

Not exactly sure why I'm posting this. I think I just needed to vent about it more than anything.

I got 2 or 3 hours of sleep last night, woke up at 10 pm to go to the bathroom and tried to fall back asleep. 12am rolled around and I gave up. So I played on my computer and told myself I'd go back to bed at 2am. Next thing I know it's 6am and I'm having breakfast. By 8am I was dead tired and passing out again, so I fell back asleep at right around 8:30.
Woke back up at 9 from a dam nightmare and haven't been able to fall back asleep (it's now 10 am). I give up :(. I have appointments I have to be to today.
I'm just frustrated. :mad:

((((((((((((((GRUMPY TIRED HUGS)))))))))))))) :giggle:

07-31-14, 12:45 PM
I am sleep problem expert! I suffered for years with insomnia and night waking and have been on every sleep med there is. First thing, you HAVE to treat your apnea. This contributes in a huge way to your daytime sleepiness. I know a cpap machine sucks but its better than stopping breathing. Eventually you will get used to it. The next thing is a schedule. It will seem like a useless waste of time and impossible but you have to trust me . Set a bedtime that you want, so lets say its 11pm. You will need to be in bed by 11 no matter whatq. Even if you dont feel sleepy, make your sleep environment comfortable, dark and not to hot. Lay there for an hour. If after an hour you feel wide awake get up and go into a non bedroom and read an actual book. Not an electronic book, a paper one. Devices are too stimulating. Do that for half an hour and head back to bed. Rinse and repeat. NOW. part II is waking have to pick a time and wake up at the same time every day no matter what. Even if you woke up 5 times set that wake up time and follow through. It is going to suck and you will hate it but I PROMISE you it does work. You have to do this every night. It saved me. It took me 10 months of doing this before my body reset itself and now I am a sleep Nazi but it was so worth it. You can't put a price on good sleep hygiene.

07-31-14, 06:09 PM
I'm with Sarah. YOU HAVE TO TREAT YOUR APNEA. Nothing will improve until that's under control. No ifs, ands, or buts. It needs to be treated.

Once it is... reassess, and go from there.

08-01-14, 08:58 AM


Man I feel so closed minded to a cpap machine right now. It's like I just automatically get defensive when the idea is brought up and just let the idea go in one ear and out the other. doctors all agree with you though. My current doctor tells me getting my sleep apnea under control is the #1 best thing I can do for my health at this point.

And yet, I just don't even take the idea of a cpap machine serious. :( I HATED the damned machine with a passion lol. It angered me! xP...maybe they had it set too high, and I know there's other masks I could've tried if I had given it more of a chance...but when I had it for the 2 weeks I tried it, the air it pushed out was so high that both my cheeks would be all puffed out like a chipmunk stuffing his mouth with peanuts and it was not only annoying, but it was painful. There was also this god awful metallic/plastic/synthetic taste the entire time which drove me insane. I hate bad tastes in my mouth...probably the number 1 side effect from cancer treatments I hated.
And it'd keep waking me up through the night because the air it pushed out would slowly increase through the night, and every time it did'd wake me up. Once I wake up from sleep, I always have such a hard time going back to I just felt stuck fighting this stupid machine that was suppose to help me sleep better all night, and I was left feeling bitter and frustrated.
I started to resent the machine and I started dreading going to bed because of it. I gave it 2 weeks...but then I was just done.

:( Gah...I know I need to get put back on it. :( I hate the idea...but I do know it needs to be done.
My add medications have changed my life around so much in the past 6 months. I'm more productive now in my life then I have been in practically ever...gawd only knows what I could accomplish with both my meds AND decent rest.

I don't know how to overcome my closed mindedness here though to be completely honest.
Sometimes I really feel proud of my stuborness. It's really helped me to plow through just so much in life. To endure. I like to consider myself like an ox. I'm big and lumbering and gentle...but I'm also strong and tough and good luck pushing me around.
Times like this though, my stubbornness is just my worst enemy. I dig my heels into the ground and just refuse to budge. And I can be here in my stubbornness refusing to change for a very long time.

I will say it is something I am considering right now though. Getting back on a cpap machine. It's not so bad right now cause I have so few responsibilities in life...but here shortly when I become employed again (I'm hoping!) it's going to be very important for me to pull my weight and take care of all my responsibilities. I can't give it my all when I'm just not getting the sleep I need.
I don't know how to get over my closed mindedness though :(. I feel so defensive about the whole cpap machine thing right now. /sigh


Thank you guys for the replies. I really do appreciate it. Love your idea about setting a time to go to bed and to get up each day...especially setting a time to wake up. I think that is a great idea...I've tried setting times to goto bed each day, but I've never set a time to wake up.

I got 7 hours of sleep last night! It felt so great!...only woke up once, but was able to fall back asleep with no issues! :D

08-01-14, 09:05 AM
Psycho, they have settings that can ramp up the pressure... it starts at the lowest and gradually increases... makes it a LOT more comfortable when you're trying to get used to it. You really really really really need to try it again. Make sure you get the right mask for you too, that makes a world of difference. It will make a world of difference, trust me.

08-05-14, 06:48 PM
Well I don't know what happened. Is it possible that just talking about it and getting it off my chest has helped improve the situation?

I've changed nothing in the last week, and have still been under a tremendous amount of stress waiting to see if I get employed...maybe even more stress though because this previous week I've discovered I had a warrant out for my arrest and need to go to court wednesday (tomorrow)...

And yet...I've FINALLY started to get some seriously solid sleep and it's been amazing.
The only thing that's changed, is that I posted this thread venting about it...

But I'm getting sometimes 5 or 6 hours of really lovely solid sleep at a time, then when I do wake up (usually to have to go to the bathroom)...I'm able to crawl back into bed and fall back asleep for several more hours.
It's been wonderful!
Man I love good solid sleep. Nothing quite like it.

Just thought I'd give an update.
Hoping I can continue to get this awesome sleep as I move into employment this week!


08-05-14, 07:46 PM
I haven't had the sleep hygiene experiences that some have, but for me setting the wake-up time has been the main one of sarahsweets's steps. Setting bedtime as the first step makes it too easy ( at least from my ADHD point of view :) ) to make a silly or over-optimistic mistake. The wake time is also more likely to be dictated by work or other unstoppable forces or immoveable objects. :)

08-05-14, 11:11 PM
Glad to hear that you finally got a bit of sleep!!! :grouphug:

fingers crossed it lasts. You can't sustain yourself on 2-3h (I know, I'm not telling you anything new!!:o)

((((SLEEPY HUGS)))) :grouphug:

08-05-14, 11:30 PM
I hope things work out favorably in court tomorrow. :)
Getting that out of the way should do wonders.