View Full Version : Pharmacist switches me to generic Focalin XR

Jake the Dog
07-31-14, 11:20 PM
So I went to fill my monthly prescription for Focalin earlier today, and the pharmacist filled my prescription with generic Focalin XR, which I've never had before (manufacturer's name is Actavis). I didn't notice this until I got home, and I am not happy at all--it's not exactly like returning a sweater or a pair of shoes, and so I know I'm probably stuck with it for a month. :mad:

The brand-name Focalin is the first medication that has worked for me (over 2 years consistently now after numerous trials with other meds). But as effective as Focalin usually is, we all know that it can be a little erratic; it's definitely better some days than others, almost without rhyme or reason...and that's the brand-name version! How much more unreliable is the generic form going to be?

Does anyone have any experience with Actavis and/or the generic version of XR? I really need to be focused and productive at work, and I am seriously worried about what the next 30 days will be like.

08-01-14, 03:45 AM
My daughter takes generic focalin (15 mg). The pharmacist tole me the generic is only available for the 15mv but I'm not sure if thats true. She hasn't had any issues.

08-01-14, 04:14 AM
If, after this 30-day trial of the generic, you find that you need the brand-name Focalin XR, you'll need to ask your doctor to specify that on the prescription.

If you have prescription coverage through your insurance provider, you may also want to check with them. Most insurance companies don't like to pay for brand name medications when there are generics available. You may need to have your doctor fill out some paperwork to pre-authorize the brand-name Focalin.

08-08-14, 07:09 PM
You could call your doctor and explain what happened. In order for you to get the brand name medication your doctor has to write "no substitution" on the script.