View Full Version : The Value of A Soul

08-03-14, 10:30 PM
What can you sell me or tell me I don’t already know
Is there a product that can light my soul
Dance with your tune and give me a show
Play with powers you do not understand
Is it the mark that makes the man?
Or can he be true to more than just what is assumed
Is there anything more than bullets that you sell?
When you’re half asleep and barely amused in hell
You’d try to take me down with you
Swallow a taste of heaven as you drink poison and call it virtue
I can smell your halo pouring down on you
You wear a sheeps skin like it’s a crown
I can feel your phony wings wrap around me as you grin and smile
You don’t realize the conviction that rests within my eyes
But I can tell what your motive is no matter how you hide
I can smell it before I see the lies
You’re so transparent you’re practically hollow
But you, you’d never see me at all
not till you’ve found a soul to borrow
and felt the string of sorrow
Not till after you’ve stumbled and fallen
You see, I’ve been to hell and I’ve kissed death
I’ve died before I ever carried a single breath
And I came back once more
For what and what for?
So I could dance with the devil?
Or sing with fools?
So I could be drug out, into the street
Strung out before im strung up by my feet
Hanged before a blind audience left to greet
you feign obedience as you swallow and choke on ignorance
consumed by greedy eyes that’d take the last of what’s bright
show me the way but you can’t show me the light
our paths are different but I haven’t lost my way
Can you see yours before you pass by decay?
Ask me to admit my flaws and give up my mistakes
But they are a product of what my soul has made
My hearts desire was never just a small thing
I wish I could tell you everything
But too little is spoken and too much is left broken
I can only tell you a story that rests somewhere in time
once I built a temple with only my eyes
once, I touched the very top of the sky and reached out for heaven before It died
I once fell six feet under to rest with the dead
And I looked up at the angels that sailed through the sky unaware and carelessly blind
I lost sight of heaven and my own mind
I had lost everything but my soul
I now know Tomorrow comes but I don’t know why
saviors like you would try to sell me your truth till I’m stripped bare of my soul and left with only a lie
Give me your word that you can carry your sins and we’ll see if you can carry mine
Your gods are growing old
They rest in the broken shadows and garbage left to mold
but the faithful are still buying your bullets like it’s gold
I’ve watched wolves like you with Bloody hands lay them upon the sick and dying
You’re never satisfied till you’re baggage is finally sold
but one day you’ll cough up a truth so bold
It’ll slip between your fingers and you’ll fear that vain mirror you used to hold
And then you’ll know the value of a soul