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08-04-14, 11:14 PM
Paper plastic
Beat the drum
A march to war
Carted toward the stores
The frozen peas see whats to come
The carrots hide
While the onions run
The eggs are already empty but so full of hope of a fresh tomorrow
Those poor fools have no idea of their future sorrows
The meat is a bloody reminder of the casualities that come when one dwells among the giants and seek to over throw their kingdom
The painful cries cast through the store carried all the way to aisle two
Where the canned foods quietly hold the corpses of many good vegetables that were boiled alive in stew
A grim sight that is only whispered by the potatoes
Supplies have run low in aisle five and the belts are alive once again
The lights have come
As The spinach talk of war on the horizon
But hope is already gone
Cereals rise only to drown their fears in milk as they face the spread of tyranny and a cold viscious irony
The bread has already lost its mind chewing and gnawing on its paper packaging
All while holding a grim smile as their sons and daughters are carted off to the produce aisle and beyond
all the way to aisle three
Where the nuts are waiting ecstatically
Fantastic war erupts itself across the iron floors
As the cherries are dropped from bolted cages like bombs
In between are the screams and screech of iron doors
A storm has come
An echo rises that only the apples feel within their waxy cores
once more a sound so horrible is repeated like a mantra of death to the ode of souless tunes
with a smile that wreaks of gloom
as the coffins are prepared and inviting doom
Stretched and forced to bend against a giants will
The beating wheels cart the damned to their fateless hell
The end is near as the branded dead are placed inside their coffin crates
A mass grave held inside an imprisoned tomb that bares the mark of an elastic womb
A voice in the distance booms
Paper or plastic?

08-04-14, 11:15 PM
Shopping has never been more fun :)