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08-06-14, 05:28 PM
****EXAM UPDATE******

I don't have the results yet. I could get very unofficial yet still 90% accurate results through Pearson VUE but I want to wait for the exam to be scored twice and also check my state Board of Nursing site first for free rather than pay for quick results after 48 hours.

It was horrible. I felt like I didn't know much of anything. The minimum you cant get is 75 questions and the maximum is 265. 15 of any amount of questions you get don't count as they are "tester questions." My computer shut off at 75 questions. A lots of people pass with this scenario. Those who fail at this number were never close to the passing level and it's not a good thing at all. Failing at 265 is better as you were up and down and closer to passing level.

It could go either way easily. Sadly, I've barely worked and studied for hours everyday and did tons of practice questions and was hitting favorable pre-set benchmarks. I spent about $900 dollars on prep courses/supplements. I made sure to get the one with a money back guarantee!

It's true that over 85% of US-educated test takers pass the NCLEX the first time but I've been in the "bad percentage" of too many statistics in too many areas of life too take any solace in statistics. I interpret them more like rubbing salt into open wounds! :mad: I know many of you get this!

When I get the results tomorrow, I will let you know but I just wanted to get some of this out of my head!

08-06-14, 06:06 PM
I'm taking that as a good sign.

You can too if you want. ;)

Again, best wishes!