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08-07-14, 03:33 PM
Today I've been having really bad thoughts, some of which I can tell immediately isn't true (like I caused Ebony - cat - serious harm when I could see she was absolutely fine), they wouldn't stop even if I distracted myself through playing mouse chase with Ebony:scratch:

08-07-14, 07:01 PM
Only your physician can say for certain and I strongly recommend being in contact and showing this post to get some professional guidance and treatment options.

As a non professional who's had perhaps similar my best guess would be intrusive thoughts/OCD/anxiety and/or possibly something else going on if you start having trouble setting aside and are believing you've done things, depending on the thought processes. But do NOT take my word for it. Please consult your mental healthcare professional/team.

Best to you x

08-08-14, 02:34 PM
Thanks peri, sorry idk if it made any sense

08-09-14, 07:45 AM
Thanks peri, sorry idk if it made any sense

oh, star, just to be clear: what you describe experiencing makes a lot of sense. my reluctance to say "this is ___" and my urging you to talk to your care providers about these thoughts is 100% NOT because i can't imagine what you're talking about or you not making sense.

the exact opposite, actually.

what you're describing absolutely sounds like symptoms of something and is relatable and warrants professional input. the thing is, only someone with a fuller history on you, who is talking to you in person, can ask questions that will narrow down and really be able to see exactly what the symptoms are and give you options for addressing them. there are several things to consider in determining exactly what it is.

like, you said that some thoughts you know are untrue....i don't know if that is to say that some thoughts you believe are true. if you do believe some, i don't know what that belief is founded on and i'm not position to say if it's well founded or not. you also mention having thoughts that you can't set aside. how much they impact your life, whether that's increasing, and any number of other important aspects of your thought processes are going to play a role in you getting answers and, more importantly, getting options for resolving them. it would be irresponsible of me to speculate in detail about what this or that means NOT because it's not meaningful, but because i lack the expertise to address your situation and THAT is what this calls for.

so, what is this? i dont' know for certain, but it's something that should be identified by someone who can, and so please, let those responsible for your mental healthcare know about these thoughts at your earliest opportunity.

hope that clarifies and best to you x

08-29-14, 01:44 AM
I've been having really bad dreams too lately, like bad trip dreams where everyone is out to get me and the whole world doesn't work the way it's supposed to. It seems like sleep is more work than being awake!

I need to get back on my Prozac, I had to stop it for a week because I was short on oxycodone and had to take tramadol and you're not supposed to take tramadol and prozac together. It takes a couple weeks to really kick in though.