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08-08-14, 02:30 AM
My anxiety has been getting worse lately, so I brought this up to my NP during my last appointment. She prescribed me 10mg of prozac.

I've been dealing with anxiety for a couple of years now. I'm 18 and starting my first year at community college full time in September. My goal would be to get a grips with my anxiety before i start school.

Currently i'm on adderall for my ADD; which helps. Without it i would've struggled my way through high school, more than I already did. College sounds like a nightmare for me.
I tried lexapro and zoloft before but never gave them a chance and discontinued after a couple of days. For some reason lexapro made me agitated. i'm hoping prozac will help me manage my anxiety. i'm hesitant to try another medication so i have a few questions for anyone who has tried prozac.

How does prozac work for anxiety/ panic attacks? Do you ever feel tired on it? Can prozac affect my add?
Anyone notice better control over emotions?

08-10-14, 09:56 PM
Bump anyone got any advice please?

08-11-14, 12:37 AM
I'm not diagnosed and never took adderal
a long time ago oir GP prescribed prozac; looking back it was a bad case of seasonal depression, I think.
well it "took the edge off" the anxiety but it then turned me into a zombie! DH says I was watching TV with my mouth open...It just was not for me at all but you would really need to see a Dr.

08-12-14, 08:38 PM
I took Prozac 2 years ago and it made me very sedated back then, however I'm on 20 mg Prozac now and feel great! No anxiety, very assertive and self confident, taking better care of myself and not hating everything/everyone.

It does take a long time so be prepared....took like 2 months to make a difference. The first 8 weeks were strange - I was either "high" on the Prozac or felt speedy....but it's all matter of it getting into your system.

All the other SSRI's just made me lazy and fat. But as always YMMV

08-12-14, 08:58 PM
We're trying to take some the trial and error out of medicating my granddaughter.

A couple of weeks ago the nurse took a cheek swab and sent it to the lab.
Thursday we met with the psych to get the results.

He says the Risperidone she's been taking for 4-5 years is actually a good match.
The Lexapro that she was taking for about a year and was stopped due to adverse reactions wasn't such a good match.
Turns out Prozac is a better match so we're giving that a try for her anxiety.

It will be interesting to see if this new technology works well.
Hopefully the cost will go down as more people try this.
The testing was covered by my g-daughter's disability insurance.