View Full Version : Thinking of Switching from Ritalin to Strattera

08-08-14, 07:03 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am currently on a very low dose of Ritalin that is barely enough to keep me focused. The thing is that I can't increase the dose because Ritalin gives me really bad side effects. Sometimes I get horrible palpitations, which seem to be worsened by the Ritalin. My ADD really affects my life and makes it difficult for me to work :(.

My doctor suggested that I try non stimulants like Strattera. Has anyone here experienced palpitations or heart related side effects on stimulants and then switched to Strattera? Do you tolerate Strattera better? What side effects do you get? Does it help you focus? Does it help with your other ADD/ADHD symptoms?

Thank you in advance.

08-08-14, 11:58 PM
I had a similar issue, my weight and blood pressure were high at the time I was diagnosed. The doctor didn't want to prescribe Adderall or Ritalin since both are stimulants.

He offered Straterra and I decided to try it and have been taking it for 4 years now. The issue with Straterra is it has a lot of potential, again potential side effects. In my case, I think I had about the best outcome possible. Which is a very mild case of dry mouth that comes up if I'm talking a lot over an hour.

I wouldn't get discouraged, just go in with a positive attitude about the side effects. One thing I can tell you is Strattera is not a stimulant, you should have no heart stresses from it but verify with your doctor.

In terms of benefits, there are a couple over stimulants. You take one pill a day and it builds in your body. After a while, you can even accidentally miss a day or two and you will still have it working. For the ADD part, I'm I-ADHD and it pretty much solved most of my issues quickly.

I could focus again, I wasn't forgetting stuff, and I was thinking faster. Really helped my career accelerate and I'm pretty shocked where I'm at today compared to 4 years ago.

The only real negative is no Generics...........Straterra costs vary each year with my health plan but generally think $50 to $80 per month. Hope that helps.