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08-09-14, 04:13 PM
Hey guys!

I've been following this blog for years, but finally have a question of my own.

I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD a little over a year ago and I've tried a variety of meds. I first started with Vyvanse; horrible side effects. Just awful. Then I tried Concerta, and the side effects were extremely similar. It was the dry mouth and jaw clenching that I couldn't deal with.

My new psychiatrist just prescribed me 20mg of Ritalin every morning. I just started this morning. I took the dose around 9:30AM and felt AWESOME... until about 15 minutes ago. Around 1PM, I got hit with the worst headache I've ever had and... let's just say I had some tummy troubles.

Would it be best to split the dose into 10mg once in the morning and another after lunch?


08-14-14, 03:32 PM
Absolutely you are correct. Either there was a breakdown in communication, or your Psychiatrist is absolutely nuts as the therapeautic effect of Ritalin is only 4-6 hours; people typically take it twice or three times daily if it's the instant release. 20mg all at once is quite a hefty dose, so you should try 10mg twice a day (pretty close to 36mg of concerta once a day in equivelancy). If you've used concerta you will have tolerance to it, so likely 3 times a day would work the best as your effect will be around 4 hours at best.

08-15-14, 06:31 PM
Thanks for the response. That's what I was thinking in terms of the dosage. 20mg as a starting dose just once in the morning seemed a little crazy. Then again, this is a psychiatrist given to me through Medi-Cal, so I've had no luck with any sort of doctors or prescriptions. I'll try splitting the dose tomorrow and see what happens.