View Full Version : Exam when starting Strattera, what can be done?

08-10-14, 06:28 AM
Final year med student, been on Concerta 36mg for a quite a few years. Have been having troubles with anxiety while on the Concerta for the last 3 years or so but have been putting it off until recently when it got real bad. Went to my pdoc and he's stopped the Concerta and started me on Starattera 40mg for two weeks, and then going back to see him. He's also given me a benzo to use PRN. Problem is I have a huge clinical exam in a week and need to focus! Didn't occur to me during my consultation to ask him if I could continue to take the Concerta in the mean time to get some focus while I'm waiting for the Strattera to kick in and his rude receptionist refuses to let me speak to him if I try and call! Anyone here used stims together with Strattera temporarily to bridge the gap? This Strattera is making me feel very apathetic and unmotivated!

08-10-14, 07:02 AM
I believe this is not healthy. From both directions. The medications work in different areas of your brain and would likely both counteract each other and also pose other substantial risks to your health.

Feel for you though. Best bet would be to contact the support services for a reschedule and discuss this with your doc next time you see them... ( options / time frames ... etc. )

If the strattera finds it's stride it's usually around the 5-6 week mark... even then... it's a different response so i'd be aiming for part tests.... or reschedule for around 12 weeks... ( or when your ready )...

08-27-14, 07:58 AM
Thanks for the reply! Before my appointment I just went ahead and took the Concerta along with the Strattera, was a bit anxious to but yeah all worked out fine and exam went well :) Cleared it with my pdoc at my appointment and he gave the all clear and even prescribed normal instant release 10mg Ritalin to use on a PRN basis for situations like these. But yeah three weeks on Strattera now up to 60mg and I think I'm noticing subtle changes, still no intense focus like stims give me but definitely helps on ward rounds etc at the hospital, and seems to have improved anxiety slightly. Have another appointment in 1 month to see if I need to increase to 80mg but my pdoc seems to think 60mg is optimal as he has only had one patient on 80mg before.