View Full Version : Teacher with Inattentive ADD?

08-10-14, 04:35 PM
I have ADD Inattentive and my biggest problems are with "difficulty putting thoughts into words" and the "tip of the tongue phenomenon with words or names". I graduated three years ago, but held off going to grad school for my masters in education, because I know I have trouble with the above issues and was second guessing my ability to teach a class. I know what I need to know, I just am not able to orally communicate it well.

So, are there any teachers out there who have the same problems? Are you on medication or do you have some other type of strategy to deal? Or should I just look for another career?

08-10-14, 09:04 PM
. Most teachers use lesson plans which would outline your ideas. Basically you could make notes and go off of them . Depending on what level your teaching you could make more advanced notes. What level do you want to teach?

08-11-14, 06:59 AM
I have recently started freelance tutoring, and have similar issues to yours. Although I'm not really teaching a "class" I find that being prepared with lots of examples is helpful. Also, if you have a textbook or some sort of resource that your students use for the lessons, then review that and write down what you want to elaborate on, important points of emphasis etc. Also, try not to be afraid of making a mistake. I think that one of the best lessons you can teach is that mistakes are opportunities for learning, and that you mustn't be afraid to make a mistake if you want to learn.
Let me know if you have a breakthrough! I am still struggling with this issue myself despite some of what I've learned :) .

08-16-14, 12:20 AM
Thanks for your responses.

In the future, I guess I will have to use really detailed notes to go with my lesson plans. I was hoping someone would have a magical cure-all. LOL :) I plan on teaching secondary and the subject is Latin. It's not a hard subject. I love it! I just wish my brain didn't lock up like it does or get brain fog. With extra notes, examples, and lots of practice, maybe the class will go smoother.

Also, try not to be afraid of making a mistake.

Yup, that's something I have to work on. :(